Coronavirus Reaches National Capital, First Case Reported In Delhi And Telangana

by Kanika Sharma
by Kanika Sharma 868

The month of March hasn’t started on a very good note. The global epidemic of Coronavirus which has been spreading across the world, has now made its way to New Delhi. While one case has been reported in the city, another one has been reported in Telangana.

What’s More?

On March 2, a case of Coronavirus was confirmed in the national capital and another one in the Southern state of Telangana. This revelation ha brought the total number of reported cases in the country to five.

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It was reported that the government revealed, these patients were travelling from Italy and Dubai. It was also revealed that both patients were closely being monitored and are stable. Hence, giving some respite to the already spreading scare.

Keeping A Check

Authorities have kept a close check on the all the incoming passengers from different countries and have installed medical camps at airports to make sure that none of the cases go undetected. Authorities have been reported as saying that this particular situation is being monitored at the ‘highest-level’.

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Various travel advisories have been issued by the government, which is urging tourists to refrain from travelling to the affected countries like China, South Korea, Iran and Italy.

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