Could The Future Of Airplanes Be Double-Decker Seats?

by Suchismita Pal
Could The Future Of Airplanes Be Double-Decker Seats?

Airline experiences all over the world have changed drastically after the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the interiors of the airplanes look more like a spacecraft with all passengers wearing masks and face shields. The flight attendants, covered head to toe in protective gears, look more like healthcare workers than cabin crew members. With a long list of new guidelines in place, travelling by air is no more as comfortable as before. To bring back the comfort and revolutionize air travel by complying with the social distancing norms, Zephyr Aerospace has come up with the idea of double-decker seats. Read on to know the details:

Double-Decker Seats Might Replace Conventional Seats In Flights

Designer Jeffrey O’Neill has introduced a concept known as the Zephyr Seat that can replace the conventional seating arrangement in flights. These seats will not be arranged side by side. Instead, one sit will be on top of the other, to help passengers isolate. Also, these double-decker seats will help travellers sleep lying flat.

Every seat in this arrangement is like a cosy, personal chamber, within which one can unwind while maintaining safe distances from others.

Double-Decker Seats
Picture Credits: Arizona’s Family

The idea is still on its infant stage. It will take a minimum of three years to launch it to the market, after undergoing all the required safety tests. The organization has also pitched the idea to the major global airlines. The final nods are yet to be received. On that note, read about these domestic airlines that are now letting you book private planes.
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What Else?

Some other companies too are coming up with innovative ideas regarding socially-distant seating arrangements. A company named Avionteriors has designed the Janus seat, in which the seats on the two sides face one direction, and the middle seat faces the opposite direction. Also, engineer Florian Barjot has designed a kit with protection panels named PlanBoy, that can be installed between two seats to ensure social distancing. On that note, here’s a first-hand travel experience from Mumbai to Delhi amid the pandemic.

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Guys, the time has come to experience air travel in an all-new way. To some extent, these double-decker Zephyr Seats might provide the feeling of travelling in a private plane inside a passenger airline. Doesn’t that sound exciting? On that note, here are six countries that will pay you for holidyaing there post-COVID-19: