Get Paid To Holiday At These 5 Countries Post Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
Get Paid To Holiday At These 5 Countries Post Lockdown

Countries hit badly by the coronavirus are now offering to pay tourists to visit them post lockdown. They are doing this to boost their economies. Many famous hotspots have witnessed a gradual decline in tourists since the coronavirus outbreak. Over the past few months, this number came down to zero, as flights and borders closed globally. Once the coronavirus pandemic subsides foreign travel will resume. And some countries are desperate for tourists to visit them in order to boost their suffering tourist sector. So get paid to holiday at these 5 countries post lockdown.

1. Sicily

The gorgeous Italian Island is going to pay up to 50 per cent of the cost of flights. Apart from this Sicily is offering one free night of accommodation for tourists who wish to visit. Museums in Siciliy have also pledged to start operating with free entry. The coronavirus pandemic hit Italy hard. The tourism industry took a major hit as visitors had to stay away. But Sicily is planning a comeback. Before you know it, you can enjoy free entry to some of the best museums and archaeological sites here. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world that’s actually paying you to visit them on a holiday. You can avail the benefits through vouchers on the Mediterranean island’s website.

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Get Paid To Holiday At These 5 Countries Post Lockdown

2. Mexico

According to the Association of Hotels, the popular holiday spot Cancun in Mexico has exciting holiday offers for visitors. Tourists can get the ‘Come to Cancun 2X1’ offer. This grants them a free night’s stay if they pay for the other two nights. Other offers can cover your plane ticket if you travel with a specific company. So you can gorge on delicious tacos, sunbathe at the beach and have a gala time in Mexico with your stay being taken care of.

Get Paid To Holiday At These 5 Countries Post Lockdown

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3. Bulgaria

Wouldnt you want to just sit out on a gorgeous beach, sipping a refreshing cocktail while you feel the warm salty breeze? Well, to sweeten the deal, at Bulgaria’ s Sunny Beach and other sightseeing spots, tourists will be offered free sunbeds, tables and sun loungers when they reopen for business. This is one for the most gorgeous destinations paying holidaymakers to visit them. This Indian Family Travelled To 65 Countries Across 6 Continents In 5 Years

Get Paid To Holiday At These 5 Countries Post Lockdown

4. The UK

VisitBritain’s acting CEO, Patricia Yates informs The Sun that financial incentives are being considered to encouraged Brits to enjoy tourism opportunities at home. She revealed that for every country restarting the domestic market is really crucial. She informs that Italy has gone with this idea. Considering it as an interesting suggestion, she reveals that the UK is looking at what other destinations are doing. She opens up on considering marketing campaign where money could be provided straight away to visitors to incentivise them to holiday in the UK.

5. Cyprus

Unlike other offers, you’d hope the one in Cyprus might not happen to you. The reason for this is that random visitors will be tested at the Cyrus airport regularly. If a visitor tests positive for coronavirus then the person gets free care. The individual’s family and friends will have the costs of their accommodation, for and drink covered by the Cypriot government. If you’d end up in these unfortunate circumstances, this might be the silver lining. Did you know Cyprus Promises To Cover Full Travel & Trip Cost If Traveller Contracts COVID-19 While Visiting?

Get Paid To Holiday At These 5 Countries Post Lockdown

So these are the 5 countries that will cover a part of their vacation post lockdown. In order to boost their tourism sectors, these countries are offering various benefits so you can mull over travelling here again post lockdown. If you want to travel domestic then here are Top 15 International Travel Experiences In India