5 Countries To Visit In Your 30s’

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
5 Countries To Visit In Your 30s’

30 going on 13? Why the hell not! Entering your 30s’ is as scary as sitting on a roller coaster ride and not knowing where the bumpy ride would take you. Once you’ve hit the 30 landmark in your life, you seek comfort and luxury, spa treatments and someone to pamper you on your trips – and the best thing? You can actually afford it now! Here’s a list of 5 best trips that you should take once you turn 30:

1. Costa Rica

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2. Sri Lanka

The exotic islands of Sri Lanka offer plenty of luxury resorts and a stunning coastline of the Indian Ocean. The lush tropical forests, coconut plantations, and private villas will never want to make you leave this place. Indulge in authentic Ayurvedic spa treatments or take a dip into the ocean for a leisurely swim.

3. Sweden

If you want to experience the beauty of luxury and comfort at one of the most pristine architectural marvels then head to Stockholm in Sweden. Visit the art museums, galleries, design stores, and concept boutiques, that are truly one of a kind.

4. Alaska

If you want a true escape in nature then head to Alaska and forget about all your responsibilities and life problems. When you’re 30, you’re down to an almost mid-life crisis and at times don’t want to deal with adulting . Alaska is the kind of escape that you need. Its landscape is full of impenetrable forests, vast horizons and white glaciers.

5. Spain

If you want to live a relaxed life and enjoy rich culture, indulgent nightlife, and feast on authentic and delicious food then Seville in Spain is the right place for you. Enjoy the true, eclectic lifestyle of Spain in the Southern part of the country.