Craving Meaty Burgers? Nabob In Riyadh Is Going To Be Your New Fave Spot!

by Anupriya Mishra

Burgers are undoubtedly one of the most popular fast food dishes that are loved by people around the world. After all, there is something absolutely addicting about biting into soft buns that sandwich juicy and spiced meat that’s been topped with the salty goodness of cheese. If this is how you also tend to romanticise a plate of drool-worthy burgers, then you will absolutely want to visit a new eatery in Riyadh. We are talking about Nabob, which is the newest burger spot in As Sulaimaniya.

Nabob Is A New Burger Place In Riyadh


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Nabob Riyadh is currently in its soft opening phase. With the doors set to open on Thursday, August 24, this eatery is bound to be a hit among people who love a good Burger. After all, it is going to leave you coming back for more with its succulent burger patties that are sandwiched between perfectly toasted buns. A casual eatery, the burger is certainly the star of the restaurant! After all, the meaty patty comprises three types of minced meat, which is then topped with two slices of white and yellow cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, and of course a dollop of the special Nabob sauce. After this, it is layered with freshly made brioche buns that are bound to leave you wiping your drool.

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Currently In Soft Opening Phase, The Doors Open On Aug 24


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Besides burgers, you can also dive into their range of salads and fries that are equally tempting. After all, the Nabob’s salad features, a generous mix of avocado, parsley, roasted cashews, Saudi chilli peppers, cabbage, grilled corn, and even a special sauce.

Finally, once you’re done eating to your heart’s content, your meal is going to be incomplete without some decade of desserts. And for this, they’ve got your back with their delightful Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse to ensure your meal ends on a sweet note.

So, with the opening date nearly here, make sure to bookmark this place and give them a visit, the next time your craving burgers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/nabob_sa