Croissant, Butter & Honey, That’s All You Need To Make Lord Bobby’s Favourite Dish! Recipe Inside!

Bobby Deol's favourite cheat meal made of croissant, butter and honey is going viral on the Internet. Here's the recipe!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Croissant, Butter & Honey, That’s All You Need To Make Lord Bobby’s Favourite Dish! Recipe Inside!

Lord Bobby AKA Bobby Deol has just gained himself a bigger fandom after his sensational performance in Animal. His menacing take as the villain, Abrar Haque sent the Internet and cinemagoers in a tizzy. From his diet, cheat meals to his acting preparation, his fans, Boobians want to know all about it. We’ve got our hands on his favourite dish and it’s super easy to make! Let’s get to it.

Lord Bobby Deol’s Favourite Cheat Meal Is A Simple Dish Made Of Croissant


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Food Link, an Instagram food channel, shared a super easy recipe to prepare Bobby Deol’s favourite cheat meal. It’s nothing but a croissant with extra butter and honey. It all started when a video of Bobby Deol, shirtless, wearing black trousers holding a plate of croissant in his hand went viral on social media. This video was filmed by the fitness trainer, Prajwal Shetty when Bobby Deol and Ranbir Kapoor were filming the most hyped action scene in Animal.

“There’s extra piece of butter and honey, and I’m about to eat it”, says Lord Bobby, almost drooling. After months of dieting for Animal, the actor was excited to gorge on his cheat meal. As he munches his croissant pieces slathered with generous amounts of butter and honey, Bobby Deol calls it “divine”. His face lights up with eat bite, pretty much like a kid slurping ice cream after ages.

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Here’s An Easy Peasy Recipe Which You Can Whip In A Jiffy!


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Meanwhile, Lord Bobby fans, fret not! We have a simple recipe for you, so you can whip up Bobby Deol’s favourite butter-honey croissant in no time.


  • Honey
  • Butter
  • Croissant


Cut a store-bought croissant into medium-sized pieces. Next, heat a pan and add butter to it. Once the butter melts, add the pieces of croissant and let it roast till it’s golden brown. Then, drizzle honey over the golden-brown pieces of croissant. Finally, remove the croissant pieces from the pan and serve it hot. You can top it with another layer of butter and honey for that extra indulgence. Bear in mind, this is a cheat-dish after all it’s quite rich. Nevertheless, it really tastes “divine” after all it’s recommended by none other than Lord Bobby AKA Bobby Deol!

Meanwhile, according to TOI other favourite dishes of Bobby Deol include moong ki dal, lauki ki sabzi and grilled chicken. The actor has a special liking for ghee especially the ghee made from fresh cow’s milk from his farmhouse. For breakfast, he usually prefers to have a bowl of oats with eggs and toast. His diet usually consists of ghar ka khaana. It’s interesting that he likes to have his coffee with almond milk instead of regular milk.

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Now that you know what’s Lord Bobby’s favourite dish and how you can make it, are you excited to treat yourself to this croissant dish? We certainly are! After all, the Lord’s favourite treats will never disappoint!

Cover Image Courtesy: prajwal7542/Instagram and Canva

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