CT Review: I Went For A 7-Course 3D Immersive Dining Experience In Bangalore Where Food Meets Animation

The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore has launched Dinemation, an immersive gastronomical experience made possible with 3D mapping technology.

by Sanjana Shenoy
CT Review: I Went For A 7-Course 3D Immersive Dining Experience In Bangalore Where Food Meets Animation

Imagine a dining experience where fairies dance over your plate, and you need to pop in your mouth, a passion fruit-flavoured bon bon to help save the king. Now isn’t that a culinary journey worth embarking on? I was recently invited to The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore for their newly launched Dinemation, a 3D immersive dining experience where food meets animation. And here’s all about my fantastical experience.

The Ritz-Carlton Has Bangalore’s First 3D Dining Experience

Picture Credits: Supplied

Having grown up on Disney animation staples like Mulan, The Little Mermaid and Bambi, The Ritz-Carlton’s Dinemation intrigued me. Weaving an exquisite 7-course meal with 3D-mapping technology and whimsical storytelling? Yes, please! After all, how often do we get to relive our childhood while tucking into gold-plated lobster?

I was given a brief but enthusiastic introduction to Dinemation by Mr. George Bennet Kuruvilla, General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore—who called it a “trailblazer in the realm of luxury dining and culinary adventure”— before being led to the 12-seater private dining space fitted with projectors and intriguing props. There was mysticism in the air and palpable excitement amongst us diners for what was to come.

Immerse Yourself In The Magic To Save The King

As we took to our seats, we were introduced to The Banquet of Hoshena, a whimsical storyline where we diners need to help the queen find her lost king. A king riddled with dominant human emotions — fear, anger, sadness, lust and happiness. Each course began with a skit as our tabletop transformed into a fantastical wonderland. The animation on our table was accompanied by music and various sound effects to elevate the culinary experience.

What excited me the most was making us diners an integral part of the storytelling. No, we didn’t just have to eat a 7-course meal to save the king. We needed to place our hands on the table to “release our anger”, whisper our greatest fear into ice cubes and place them in a magical bowl bubbling with smoke. At one point, Queen Hoshena directed us to prepare a magic potion (palate cleanser). We gently emptied red-hued flavoured test tubes into our wine glasses filled with liquid.

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7-Course Meal Marries Immersive Storytelling

3d dining experience bangalore
Picture Credits: Supplied

A treat for all my senses and a delight for my inner child, I found myself widely grinning, awaiting the storyline and possible “task” before the next course was served. So, what was on the menu at The Banquet of Hoshena?

First Course: Chilli & Passion Fruit Bon Bon

Second Course: Doodhiya Ashrafi with Aam Panna Caviar (Amuse Bouche)

Third Course: Crispy Spinach, Lotus Stem Crisps with Rose & Garlic Yoghurt Atop Charcoal Tart

Fourth Course: Kashmiri Style Almond & Asparagus Soup

Fifth Course: Dal Bati Churma

Sixth Course: Lobster with Palakakkadan Pulav (I chose this dish over main course options like Raan Tian and Gucchi Korma)

Seventh Course: Shahi Tukda Mille Feuille

Artistically Curated Menu Celebrating Indian Flavours With Aplomb

3d dining experience bangalore
Passion Fruit Bon Bon; Chips N Dips Picture Credits: Sanjana Shenoy

The Passion Fruit Bon Bon encased in a charming jewellery box filled with chocolate soil was a “gift by the queen” before we took on the mission to reunite her with her husband. A burst of flavours and surprises, the sweet-spicy entremet was a fine start to the meal.

Placed on a revolving plate, the amuse-bouche had a comforting cheesy note. After all, in a fantastical gastronomical journey, you’d definitely expect cheesy.

On a stormy Bengaluru night, the fourth course, a bowl of hot Kashmiri Style Almond & Asparagus Soup satiated us diners and warmed our hearts. Distinctive sour, creamy notes in the soup caught my attention, it elevated the flavour profile of the dish.

The tabletop transformed into a garden with 3D projected flowers which slowly gave way to maple leaves, signifying the autumn season. A time of change and despair. Yet not all was lost for the Queen, the King and us diners as the beautifully plated Chips N Dips course made it to our table. We crunched on crispy spinach and lotus stem crisps which added to the playfulness and nostalgia of this fantasy land.

3d dining experience bangalore
Amuse-Bouche; Dal Bati Churma Picture Credits: Sanjana Shenoy

To signify anger, which we needed to help the king get rid of to unite with his queen, we needed to tuck into an inviting plate of Dal Bati Churma. The bati infused with charcoal and the perfectly spiced dal while delicious was quite rich for an entree.

The 7-course meal was accompanied by copious glasses of champagne, Paul John Bold and Godawan Fruit & Spicy whiskies. While most of us could seamlessly immersive ourselves in this fairy tale, we did have a little help to get into the “spirit”.

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Impeccable Gold-Plated Lobster Main

3d dining experience bangalore
Lobster with Palakakkadan Pulav; Table projection Picture Credits: Sanjana Shenoy

My favourite course was the exquisite Lobster with Palakakkadan Pulav. A generous helping of expertly cooked gold-plated lobster placed atop fluffy red-boiled rice and luscious gravy. I would gladly reunite Queen Hoshena with her beloved again if it means gorging on this spectacular plate of food again. It was a fairytale on a plate!

On having successfully completed our mission, we were delighted with a playful dance of fairies. Dancing gleefully on our white plates, twirling on their little feet as their wings fluttered, they bid us goodbye to make way for the last course of the day— dessert.

I believe the magic of a meal lies in its dessert. While the Shahi Tukda Mille Feuille was decadent and indulgent, it missed the mark for me. A little too indulgent, a little too generous, I craved a dessert that was light, airy, refreshing, whimsical and more thoughtfully curated than the chocolate-flavoured Shahi Tukda with dollops of cream and rabdi which was too heavy on the palate. The diners around me sceptically ate small spoons of the calorie bomb.

Dinemation at The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore would require deep pockets. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastical dining experience, I’d say you need to tick off your culinary wishlists. A world where talking plates, fairies dancing on tables, candles illuminated by your gaze and of course, lavish plates of food all exist in harmony and perfect sync. It’s theatre for the senses! And you need to book front-row seats for this theatrical 3D dining experience in Bangalore.

What: The Banquet of Hoshena- Dinemation

Where: Riwaz Private Dining Room, The Ritz-Carlton, 99, Residency Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru

When: 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm  and 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm ( Available on prior reservations only) 

To Make Reservations Contact: 9035416155 or 9741035124

Cost: ₹12,000 per person (For 2-hour dining experience, inclusive of 1 glass of champagne)

Cover Image Courtesy: Supplied & Sanjana Shenoy

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