Cyclone Michaung Updates: About 7 People Die Due To Heavy Rainfall In Chennai

Heavy rainfall triggered by Cyclone Michaung is disrupting the normal lifestyle in Chennai.

by Shreya Ghosh
Cyclone Michaung Updates: About 7 People Die Due To Heavy Rainfall In Chennai

The approach of Cyclone Michaung has been wreaking havoc in most parts of Chennai for some time. The city has been witnessing heavy rainfall for 2 days now and unfortunately, the intensity of downpours is only increasing and worsening. The situation is turning so bad that railway and even airport services are seeing changes in scheduled plans. It is a tragic scary time for all the people living in the city.

Heavy Rainfall In Chennai Has Surely Left Everyone In Utter Fear & Shock

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter), நீதிமான் (@Neethiman3) shared a video of how horrible the situation of roads are. As shared in the video, the four-wheeler cars parked on the streets are almost fully submerged in the waterlogged places.

Today is Tuesday and it is still raining in some parts of Chennai. With water logging all around, people are finding it difficult to step outside. Water has seeped into many people’s houses, and staying inside their homes is becoming the most gruesome. Roads and areas are seeing flood-like situations. A few more hours remain before Cyclone Michuang hits the Andhra Coast and some more places. If the approach is so scary, we are terrified of how the gusty winds of the severe cyclone will leave its trail of destruction.

An excessive heavy downpour has disrupted normal life in Chennai. People are rushing to relief camps as their houses have been damaged. Unfortunately, the destruction has not only been restricted to trees and water seeping inside houses. A few people have lost their lives amidst non-stop rainfall as Cyclone Michaung is inching nearer to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Rajendra Choudhary🇮🇳 (@Rajendranwala) shared a picture of the current state of Chennai.

About 7 people have already died due to the scary rainfall as the cyclone approached closer. One passed away because of a tree falling on him, according to a report by LiveMint. Two died due to electrocution in this rainfall. And another two victims lost their lives in Kanathur. They were inside a hut located close to an under-construction property. As one of its walls broke and fell, these two workers died, according to a report by The New Indian Express. Victims’ bodies have been found in different parts of the city.

BALA @ G (@balaji578) shared a picture of inundated Tambaram.

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Today Is A Public Holiday In Chennai

Dr Aquil Khan (@aquilk2) shared a picture of the Indian Army working in Chennai to evacuate and rescue the residents.

Due to Cyclone Michaung-triggering rainfall and its horrific aftermath, the Tamil Nadu government declared a public holiday on December 5, 2023, in Chennai. Other places to get this public holiday are Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram, and Tiruvallur, according to a report by The Hindu. Schools, colleges, banks, and government offices are closed on Tuesday. And for private officegoers, the government urged offices in the places mentioned above to allow work from home for their employees.

Chennai Metro Rail (@cmrlofficial) shared some updates from 10 AM on Tuesday.

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Poorna (@thisisannahere) shared a horrific video of Chennai rains.

Many people are saying how some parts of Chennai are recording more and scarier rainfall than the terrifying 2015 Chennai floods.

People of Chennai, stay inside and safe!

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ BALA @ G (@balaji578)

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