Daulat Ki Chaat With ₹500 Notes Has Tweeple Asking ‘What In The Ambaniverse Is This?’

by Sanjana Shenoy
Daulat Ki Chaat With ₹500 Notes Has Tweeple Asking ‘What In The Ambaniverse Is This?’

Probably the whole of India is experiencing withdrawal symptoms post the extravagant launch of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai. Let’s face it, we were eating, sleeping and scrolling celeb pics, thali close-ups and hilarious pap memes on the red carpet. Still can’t get “Aye Tommy”, “Nick-wa” and “Jhendaya” out of my head! Meanwhile, Tweeple can’t stop poking fun at the Daulat Ki Chaat filled with ₹500 notes served at the NMACC event. Check out the memes, which are worth their weight in gold!

Food: The Highlight Of The NMACC Grand Opening Event!

Ambanis can do anything, that’s what the larger-than-life opening of the NMACC has proved! Imagine getting Hollywood celebs dressed in their finest Indian attire, all the way to Mumbai. No less than India’s answer to Met Gala, we’ve seen it all and how. If you ask the celebs present there like Shraddha Kapoor, and Maheep Kapoor, about the highlight of the event they’d say it’s the food! Both the celebs posted the stunning thali served at the event which featured delicious dishes like bhakri, aamras, laddoo, palak paneer and more. The exquisite thali was prepared with an elaborate wine menu.

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Daulat Ki Chaat At NMACC Has Tweeple ROFLing

But what’s got Netizens hooked on the food served at the NMACC opening is the Daulat Ki Chaat. Translating to ‘The Chaat of Wealth’, this mysterious winter dessert tastes like a snowflake in your mouth. Made with raw milk, cream, khoya and chenna, it’s rich and totally melts in your mouth. At the NMACC opening, the Daulat Ki Chaat was served in a small clay vessel with ₹500 notes tucked around. Trust, Tweeple to not let this opportunity go to create memes and fill Twitter feeds with hilarious comments.

1. It’s called Daulat Ki Chaat for a reason, people!

2. Can’t wait to fill our bellies and pockets with this dessert!


3. In Ambaniverse, expect the unexpected!

4. “What’s a tissue?”

For Tweeple, we’ve got to say “Just relax! Those ₹500 notes are fake. After all, it’s used as a fancy garnish by India’s renowned restaurant, Indian Accent”.  Now that we’ve filled you in on the memes, have you gotten over the NMACC hangover yet? Or still, seeing celeb pics in your dreams? Also, when are you going to finally try Daulat Ki Chaat?

Cover Image Courtesy: @LoyalSachinFan/ Twitter