December 2017 Will Witness The First Indian Cruise To Antarctica

by Natasha Monteiro
December 2017 Will Witness The First Indian Cruise To Antarctica

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‘The Q Experiences’ has announced a plan to charter the first luxury yacht ‘Le Soléal’ from India to Antarctica.

What Is It?

Romantic destinations just got an upgrade with the announcement of a luxury cruise to Antarctica! The Q Experiences, a Mumbai based luxury travel company, is chartering a luxury yacht in the month of December to the most deserted part of the Earth.

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Le Soléal will set sail sometime between 9-19 December, 2017. What’s the criteria for reserving a seat? None. You just have to be able to afford it and be among the first 200 to apply. The luxury ship will come with a Michelin-starred chef and food supplies from UK. Don’t worry! There’s going to be plenty of Indian food on board. Rajma-chawal for the win y’all!

What Else?

If you’re wondering about the climate and preparation for the trip, fear not. There will be a team of experts on board who’ll act as guides and keep you updated about everything. The only thing you have to worry about (other than the cost of this grand voyage) is that you take nothing and leave nothing behind at the South Pole.

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Now comes the best part. How much does this luxury experience cost? The cruise sets sail from Buenos Aires, Argentina and will cost a fare upwards of ₹7 lakh per head. If you add the cost of travelling to Argentina from India (plus return) it’ll amount to an additional 1.3 lakhs per head. Your approximate cost should work out to about a whopping  ₹9 lakh per head upward. 


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