“Dekh Kar Arteries Choke Ho Gaye”, Deep-Fried Burger Buns Leaves The Internet Shocked

by Sanjana Shenoy
“Dekh Kar Arteries Choke Ho Gaye”, Deep-Fried Burger Buns Leaves The Internet Shocked

The Internet is galore with food trends, some tasty, some unusual, and others downright bizarre. While you’d say food is generally subjective to one’s taste, there are some dishes which can be quite unhealthy and even cause digestive issues or weight gain. Recently, a dish has been going viral on the Internet where entire burger buns are deep-fried. What’s that all about? Read on!

Burger Made With Deep-Fried Buns Shocks Twitter

Twitterati Chirag Barjatya (@chiragbarjatyaa) a fitness influencer, shared a video of a street vendor selling ‘desi burgers’. The video shows a street vendor dunking entire burger buns in hot oil. He goes on to deep fry them. We can understand people deep-frying patties, but burger buns? Next, he does the obvious (thank god), he deep-fries patties.

After this, the street food vendor goes on to smear green chutney on the buns. He then sliced raw onions and tucks the deep-fried patties in the deep-fried buns. Next, he adds sliced tomatoes, a big chunk of paneer and shreds of cheese. And voila, the burger is ready! He goes on to serve this burger with green chutney and tomato ketchup.

While this burger looks like just another burger, what is alarming is the fact that the burger buns are deep-fried. And fitness influencer, Chirag Barjatya draws attention to this with his caption saying “Dekh kar hi arteries choke ho gayi” (looking at this has itself choked my arteries). Netizens took to the comments section to share their views about this ‘desi burger’. Many echoed Chirag’s thoughts about this deep-fried burger being super unhealthy.

Netizens Bid Goodbye To Their Hearts

One Twitterati bid goodbye to their heart, another sought solace in the fact that the burger at least doesn’t have mayonnaise and an overdose of cheese and sauces. Another wondered why street food vendor didn’t deep-fry the paneer instead of the burger buns. Now, that’s the right question. Imagine eating raw paneer tucked inside the burger.

Well, what do you think about this burger made with deep-fried burger buns? Would you bid goodbye to your heart and say hello to bad cholesterol?

Cover Image Courtesy: @chiragbarjatyaa/ Twitter