AC Local Train Comes To Delhi!

by Anjali Kaikini
AC Local Train Comes To Delhi!

Under 140 Characters

Delhi’s first, state-of the-art, AC local train is all set to hit the tracks this February and will travel between Delhi and cities in Uttar Pradesh.

What Is It?

Delhi’s first air-conditioned local train will be operational in February 2019. The train will cater to destinations within 300 kms from Delhi all the way to UP. For short-distance travels, this train is a great alternative to the present local trains.

What’s In It?

The new train will have eight stainless steel coaches and can carry upto 2600 passengers. Each coach will have 2 toilets, GPS, CCTV surveillance and automated doors. The train will travel at an average speed of 130 kmph.

What’s Unique?

The Delhi train is an upgraded version of the already functional AC local trains in Mumbai. The average speed is higher by 30 kmph, and the train can carry 200 more passengers than the older model.

This is the great step towards the betterment of public transportation in the capital city. Let’s hope to see more such brilliant advances in the near future.