Delhi: Man Scammed Out Of ₹648 By Uber Driver With Fake Screenshot; Says, “There Were 2 Uber Floating Icons”

Another day and another scam by a cab driver!

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi: Man Scammed Out Of ₹648 By Uber Driver With Fake Screenshot; Says, “There Were 2 Uber Floating Icons”

There is no doubt that private cabs are often more comfortable than any mode of public transportation. We can easily book these cab services from our mobile phones, share the OTP, and enjoy the journey comfortably. Despite so many advantages, there is a massive risk of getting scammed by drivers. And recently, a man in Delhi became a victim of such an incident. He was scammed by an Uber driver while travelling to his home from the airport.

Recently, An Uber Driver Scammed A Man In Delhi

Taking to Reddit, the OP shared the entire incident and also added a few screenshots to get a better context of how he got scammed.

UBER AIRPORT SCAM !!!!! w screenshots
byu/Why_am_i_alive0 indelhi

According to the Reddit post, the OP booked an Uber from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi to reach his home. It was on March 24 at around 10:30 PM when he booked it. The fare mentioned for an Uber Go was ₹340 and he travelled on it to reach his destination. Everything was going well until he reached his home. All of a sudden, the cab driver asked him to pay ₹648 instead of ₹340, which was almost twice the original fare.

Sensing some issues, the Redditor asked the driver to show his mobile screen to see the payment. He stated to the driver that the fare mentioned in the cab was ₹340 but it increased to ₹648 on his mobile later. To which the driver responded by saying that the spike in the charge was due to additional waiting charges. However, they did not face heavy traffic or even halt the Uber cab during the trip.

It was quite late so the Redditor did not argue much and simply paid the increased fare. One thing that he did was click a picture of the driver’s payment screen.

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Here’s What Happened Next:

Uber Scam
Picture credit- Reddit/ u/Why_am_i_alive0

The Redditor found out some surprising things in the photo the next day. He was quite shocked that his name was misspelt in the screenshot. The letter n in his name was replaced by an r. In addition to the spelling mistake, there were two Uber floating icons on the screen. Next, he opened the Uber app on his mobile and it showed ₹127.48 for last night’s trip. He soon contacted Uber support and got to know that the driver reported collecting only ₹127.48 on the app. The OP later received a refund of ₹127.08.

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Beware of such scams and spoof apps!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, Reddit/ u/Why_am_i_alive0

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