Uber Eats’s New Ad With Jennifer Aniston Forgetting Who David Schwimmer Is Cracking Us Up!

Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial featuring our favourite celebs is simply the funniest!

by Shreya Ghosh
Uber Eats’s New Ad With Jennifer Aniston Forgetting Who David Schwimmer Is Cracking Us Up!

Were Ross and Rachel on a break? Well, finding the correct answer to this question is kinda next to impossible but the good news is that Ross and Rachel met again after a long time. But wait! The shocking news is that Jennifer Aniston is not able to recognise who David Schwimmer is. Well, don’t be startled or disappointed as this is just a commercial of Uber Eats and we can clearly say that the ad is a piece of art.

Star-Studded Uber Eats Super Bowl Advertisement Featured Our Favourite Celebs

From Jennifer Aniston to David Schwimmer, world-renowned celebrities such as David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Jelly Roll, and Usher are also featured in this Super Bowl commercial for Uber Eats. The commercial is based on the idea of how to remember something, you need to forget something else. From Jennifer forgetting his long-time co-star Schwimmer to David Beckham forgetting his wife Victoria’s Spice Girls group name, the banter and dialogues of all the stars are simply the funniest.

Another hilarious part of the Uber Eats commercial is Jelly Roll forgetting his face tattoos. He screamed in fear and wondered whether someone doodled on his face. We love the celebrities and personalised scripts added to the advertisement.

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Clearly, Everyone Loves The Commercial!

Uber Eats New Ad
Picture credit- YouTube/ Uber Eats

Netizens are absolutely impressed with the advertisement. From all the stars featured in this Uber Eats ad to the script, users are in love with the concept. A comment on the YouTube video read, “OMG this made me laugh so hard. I love it”. Someone commented “It’s always heartwarming when any of the Friends cast reunite ❤❤” and I can relate to this so much. “She didn’t forget. Her memory is just on a break” is making me go ROFL.

Another comment read, “Brilliant…and truly continuously hilarious… it just kept coming! Do I know you?!!” All FRIENDS fans can relate to “Ahhhhh.. salmon skin rolls”. From praising the agency for coming up with the idea to asking for a raise for the people behind the project, the comments clearly show much viewers are enjoying the hilarious Uber Eats commercial.

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What do you think of this commercial? Don’t you think this is super fun?

Cover Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Uber Eats

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