Watermelon-Mustard, Sushi-Ranch: Uber Eats Announces 2022’s Most Odd Food Combos And We Are Just…

by Tooba Shaikh
Watermelon-Mustard, Sushi-Ranch: Uber Eats Announces 2022’s Most Odd Food Combos And We Are Just…

Let’s be real, all of us know that there are some weird food combinations out there. Whether it’s cheese pani puri or chocolate dosa. Uber eats has released its annual craving report for 2022 which mentions the most odd food combos and there are some weird combinations on there. If you thought mac and cheese with ketchup is a bad combination, get ready for a whole new level of wild. We lost a little bit of faith in humanity after reading this, you may too.

Uber Eats Announces 2022’s Most Odd Food Combos

Among the lists released, there have been some pretty common food combinations like burrito and cheese, which was ranked number 1; french fries and salt, which was number 2; and cheese burger with diced onions, which ranked number 3. However, the list of whacky food combinations really takes the cake. The list is… disturbing, to say the least.

Ever had fruit roll-ups with Hot Cheetos? Someone clearly has because it’s ranked second on the list. And this isn’t even the weirdest food combination. Number 10 on the list is watermelon with mustard! Somebody grew that watermelon with care and attention only for it to be violated with mustard. If that isn’t weird enough for you, we’ve got more.

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Sushi With Ranch, Pickles With Whipped Cream & More

Yes, you read the headline right. Are your eyes bleeding yet? Pickles with whipped cream, sushi with ranch, and popcorn with pickle juice are also some of the combinations on the list. While the internet is busy debating whether pineapples belong on pizzas, there are some intellectuals who are putting peanut butter and applesauce on them. Both of these combinations are in the top 10 list.

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Remember the days when the weirdest food combination we came across was french fries dipped in a milkshake? Yeah, we miss them too.

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