Chocolate & Raj Kachori Proves There’s No End To Weird Food Combos; Will You Hop On Board?

by Sushmita Mahanta
Chocolate & Raj Kachori Proves There’s No End To Weird Food Combos; Will You Hop On Board?

The Internet is full of food enthusiasts experimenting with the weirdest combos. But this time it’s a street food vendor who has gone viral with his unusual Chocolate Raj Kachori. Yes, you heard it right! Recently a blogger shared a video on Instagram that shows a street food vendor making a Raj Kachori with chocolate filling and toppings. Some people were disgusted by the chocolate syrup added to the yogurt mix while some others totally dismissed the whole idea of this weird combo. Read on to know more about how a street food vendor’s chocolate Raj Kachori recipe is leaving the Internet in disgust!

How Is The Unusual Chocolate Raj Kachori Prepared?

The video of the weird Chocolate Raj Kachori which is shared by ‘@thegreatindianfoodie’ on Instagram, opens up with the vendor poking the middle of the Kachori to put in the stuffing. He adds types of bhujia, boiled potatoes, fried cashews, and boondi. The vendor then starts whisking the curd after mixing some chocolate syrup in it. He then fills the Raj Kachori with the curd and tips it up with more syrup. Take a look:

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The Extreme Combo Disgusts The Internet

Recently, an Instagram page named ‘thegreatindianfoodie’ shared a reel of a street food vendor preparing the weird Kachori combo and the reel has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. It currently has more than 57k views and numerous comments. People are in disgust after witnessing this weird combo and have taken to the comments section to express the same. One user writes, “Don’t waste food. Just remember every time you waste food some are starving and dying because of lack of food !!” Another user adds, “Thank you ye nahi chahiye 😂🖐️.” However, it’s a user named ‘shahhravindran’, whose comment has left us in giggles. She writes, “Where’s the dislike button 🤮?” Well, we want to know too!

Now that you know of the existence of this weird chocolate Raj Kachori, do you plan to try one soon? Or are you disgusted by the idea? Do tell us in the comments section below!


Feature image courtesy – Instagram/thegreatindianfoodie