Delhi Zoo Is Throwing A Birthday Party With Cake, Red Meat And More; For Whom? Why? Inside

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhi Zoo Is Throwing A Birthday Party With Cake, Red Meat And More; For Whom? Why? Inside

You all must have celebrated your birthdays during your childhood by throwing a birthday party. Oh, those days! It used to be so much fun, wasn’t it? Well, the Delhi Zoo is also throwing a birthday party with cake, red meat, and more on the menu. For whom? It is to celebrate the birthday of its two white tiger cubs, who have turned one.

Delhi Zoo Is Throwing A Birthday Party

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The Delhi Zoological Park is all set to celebrate the first birthday of Avni and Vyom. Avni and Vyom are the two white cubs in the zoo who have turned one, which obviously calls for celebrations! 

As a part of the celebrations, the two cute white tiger cubs will be given a special meal that will include various types of red meat. A ceremonial cake cutting will also take place with Delhi Zoo Director Akanksha Mahajan. She will be cutting the cake in front of the animal enclosure.

The enclosure for the white tiger will also be decorated. There will be cutouts of the two white cubs, and that will be the selfie point. They may also arrange some play activities, like hide and seek, for them. In this, they will be hiding some objects and asking them to find or pull them out. 

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Raising Awareness About Them

Zoo director Akanksha Mahajan said that the whole point is to raise awareness about tigers and white tigers. Some schoolchildren will also be a part of this celebration. They have also planned some awareness sessions on this day.

The Delhi Zoo currently has about five white tigers. This number includes the two white cubs as well. The white tigers are one of the most popular attractions in the zoo. Avi and Vyom are two white tiger cubs born to Sita and Vijay. Vijay is an eight-year-old white tiger, and Sita is an eight-year-old white tigress. 

Avni and Vyom were born on August 24, 2022. This is the first time that the zoo has been successful in breeding white tigers in seven years. There was a third cub as well, but it died on December 18, 2022. 

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