Delivery Agent Gets Fired After Customer Complains About Him; Asks For Lost Wages Or He’ll Sue

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by Shreya Rathod

Food deliveries have made our lives much easier, especially for city dwellers. You just need to order food and before you even reach home, a packed meal is waiting for you! However, there are times when a blunder takes place and you cannot find the meal you ordered for. A similar situation happened with this customer who ordered food from DoorDash, an online food delivery platform. But the delivery agent threatened to sue him! Here’s what happened between them.

DoorDash Delivery Agent Threatened To Sue The Customer!

Who is in the wrong here?
by u/thebunnywhisperer_ in doordash

You can observe a customer and delivery staff having a chat in a post that was shared on the sub-Reddit DoorDash. The customer received a message from the delivery person asking why they had reported the meal as missing after it had been delivered. The client replied that the food was not outside their door.

Later, the delivery person told the client that they had left the food downstairs rather than climb the stairs because they did not want to. In the end, the delivery person threatened to sue the client, saying they were fired as a result of the situation. The customer confessed that it wasn’t his intention to get him fired.

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The person who shared the post asked a simple question: ‘Who is in the wrong?’

People React To This Post

by u/heccin_heccer from discussion Who is in the wrong here?
in doordash

According to Redditors, the delivery agent was at fault as he didn’t have the courtesy to inform the customer that he had reached and to come and collect the order. One user wrote that it was the delivery agent’s job to climb the stairs and give the order and many of them have agreed to this.

by u/thebunnywhisperer_ from discussion Who is in the wrong here?
in doordash

However, the user that shared this post stated that he didn’t mind climbing down the stairs and getting the order. However, the delivery agent should have informed the customer and not left him to guess.

Redditors are upset by the agent’s behaviour and claim that it is their job to deliver orders to customers’ doorsteps.

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Cover Image Courtesy: DoorDash/ Facebook