LinkedIn User Shared The Story Of A Hungry 30-YO Delivery Agent From Jammu, Helps Him Get A Job

by Mallika Khurana
LinkedIn User Shared The Story Of A Hungry 30-YO Delivery Agent From Jammu, Helps Him Get A Job

Everyone in the world has a story. We live in a country with such a high poverty rate, and most people around us carry stories full of struggle and sad details. While some struggle to get a basic education, others with degrees are left to do menial jobs. One such heartbreaking story came to light when Priyanshi Chandel, an employee at Flash, shared the story of a hungry Swiggy delivery agent who came to her place with an ice cream order. Did the story have a happy ending? Read on to learn more!

LinkedIn User Shared The Story Of A Hungry Delivery Agent

LinkedIn Priyanshi Chandel
Photo Credits: Priyanshi Chandel/LinkedIn

Priyanshi started the story by saying that her delivery was late by 30-40 minutes, and when she finally went to the door to pick up her order, she found that the delivery man, Sahil Singh, was panting and sitting on the staircase outside her flat. She was concerned and asked him if he was alright. In response, the delivery man told her that he didn’t have his scooter or any other means of transport. 

To deliver her order, he walked over 3 km. Explaining the misery of his situation, he shared that his Yulu was out of battery since his flatmate took the last of his money. It sure sounded like he was looking for an outlet to pour out all his feelings and concerns that were troubling him. 

Elaborating on his worsening life state, he said that it may come as a surprise, but he is an ECE graduate who has previously worked at BYJU’s and Ninjacart. Like the pandemic affected so many more, it affected him as well. He lost his job and moved back to his home in Jammu. After that, he has been trying to make ends meet and has started working as a delivery agent for Swiggy.  To make things worse, he has been broke for a week and has been living on tea and coffee only.

Finishing his story, he clarified that he is not expecting anything from her, except if she could help him find a better job so that he can stop relying on his parents to get by. He is a 30-YO who used to make ₹25-30K before the pandemic hit. That night, Priyanshi ended her conversation with him with a glass of water and ₹500. However, she went on to help him land a job and chose LinkedIn to make it happen.

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LinkedIn Users Came Forward To Help Him

LinkedIn Priyanshi
Photo Credits: Priyanshi Chandel/LinkedIn

She posted his entire story on LinkedIn, along with his email address, mark sheets, and phone number. And guess what? Comments started pouring in instantly, and people were up for helping Sahil out. They were not just ready to help him with a job but to also make his life easier in other ways.

Many LinkedIn users reached out to him to help in any way they could. While some got his Yulu bike recharged, others had food delivered to his place. One user even offered to take him in until he was capable enough to take care of himself and his expenses.

Truly, social media is a wonderful place. It is an efficient platform that helped Sahil finally land a job. Yes, he got a job! This is a miraculous incident that fills everyone with hope. Everyone who tried to help him didn’t have to take a lot of time out of their busy schedules, but the heart and will it takes to make the lives of other people better, count for a lot. 

Little steps from numerous people changed this hungry delivery agent’s life, and this is just the beginning of what each of us can do to create similar positive changes.

Cover Image Courtesy: Linkedin/Priyanshi Chandel