Man Orders Coffee On Zomato While Sitting In Starbucks; Internet Deems It To Be Best Hack Ever

by Shreya Rathod
Man Orders Coffee On Zomato While Sitting In Starbucks; Internet Deems It To Be Best Hack Ever

An aromatic coffee is a good way to start, right? To the joy of coffee enthusiasts, a variety of coffee chains have popped up all over the nation. One such company whose name has come to be associated with quality coffee is Starbucks. But it is not that easy on your pockets! A man has discovered a way to save money and still enjoy his preferred Starbucks coffee.

Man Orders Coffee While Sitting In A Starbucks!

In order to save money, a Twitter user, Sandeep Mall, described his experience using the well-known delivery service Zomato to purchase coffee from Starbucks. The tweet describes that ordering a coffee while sitting in a Starbucks costs around ₹400. However, Zomato, a food delivery aggregator, offers a deal where you can get the same coffee for ₹190.

The man tried ordering the same coffee from Zomato while sitting in the same Starbucks. He even added the same address! When the Zomato delivery person came to pick up the order, he gave it to his table.

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He further added a hilarious note at the end stating that this course is completely out of the syllabus.

Internet Thinks That This Is The Best Hack Ever

This hilarious incident is going viral all over the Internet and people are loving this idea! His desi jugaad to have his Zomato order brought to him while he was sitting at the Starbucks location was applauded by many. One of the users wrote that this is the peak of an Indian jugaad and that the ₹200 discount was totally worth it.

Another user commented that she laughed so hard that she spilt her coffee, though it wasn’t expensive.

A person wrote that it appears that someone has discovered a way to buy coffee at half off and with home delivery as well! He further questioned who needs business sense when you can succeed on Zomato.

Starbucks is a popular coffee joint but is extremely expensive! So, if you want to enjoy yummy coffee at discounted rates, use this hack!

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