Starbucks Serves Unusual Coffees With Olive Oil! Here’s Where You Can Find Them!

starbucks olive oil
by Sanjana Shenoy

Okay, where does olive oil go? It goes in a delicious Aglio Olio pasta, in a crunchy salad or even in a palatable ice cream or cake. But have you ever heard of coffee prepared with a drizzle of olive oil? Well, we hadn’t until we came across an entire menu of Oleatos AKA Starbucks coffees infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil. Want to know where you grab a cup of Oleato? Read on!

Starbucks Has Oleato Menu — Coffee With Olive Oil!

In February 2023, caffeine addicts, coffee connoisseurs and coffee lovers were introduced to the world of Oleato. Starbucks launched this beverage, an amalgamation of their signature arabica coffee beans with extra virgin olive oil. What started as a fun launch in Italy has now expanded across 15 states in the USA and even 8 markets across the world like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and France.


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Starbucks describes its olive oil-infused coffees as “velvety smooth” and “deliciously lush”. It’s believed to give a whole new depth and dimension to the coffee-drinking experience. It’a an alchemy of Starbucks arabica coffee and premium Partanna extra virgin olive oil.

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The Starbucks Oleato menu has Oleato Cafe Latte— a light espresso roast with creamy oat milk and olive oil — Oleato Golden Foam Brew — a cold brew with lush olive oil— and Oleato Light Shaken Espresso— coffee-forward drink with hazelnut, espresso, oat milk and olive oil flavours.

In the USA, you can order drinks from the Oleato menu in states like New York,  Washington, New Hampshire, Florida, California, Texas, Illinois, Alaska, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine to name a few.

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Italy Trip Inspired Howard Schultz

According to an article by TimeOut, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz was inspired to use olive oil in their coffees after a trip to Italy. He learnt about the Mediterranean custom of consuming a spoonful of olive oil every day. So, after doing the same with his morning coffee, he decided to combine the two together. He describes olive oil-infused coffees as “butter flavours” that linger in a beautiful manner on the palate.


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As a coffee lover, we’re curious to give Oleato a go! Are you also excited to try olive oil with coffee?

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