Desis Sharing How Parents Always Reach Early To Stations Is Super Relatable

by Sanmita A
Desis Sharing How Parents Always Reach Early To Stations Is Super Relatable

There are certain norms which are ingrained in Indian families. And if you are a family which travels frequently by Indian Railways, this certain activity will sound the most relatable to you. No, it’s not packing food for the entire travel duration, but arriving much much early to the train station before the departure time. In a viral tweet on Twitter, a user shared his story of how his family arrived a couple of hours before the departure time. His tweet went viral and received hilarious responses to his post. He tweeted a photo of a train with the caption, ‘8.40 ki train ke liye meri family 7.15 baje station station pahuch gayi hai. Aapki family kitni der pehle pohchti hai ?.’

As he shared the tweet, netizens enthusiastically took part in the discussion and shared how relatable the behaviour was for every one of them.

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Waiting At The Train Station And Not At Home

It is quite strange to understand how Indian families believe in reaching early to the station rather than waiting at home. And we guess the same theory goes for a bus, train or flight. There is no ‘keep calm’ situation before travelling!

Take a look at these desi users sharing similar accounts of travelling –

Do you too, feel the need of reaching the station or airport early than actually required?

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