Did You Know There’s A Beach In Goa That Glows In The Dark?

by Kritika Kukreja
Did You Know There’s A Beach In Goa That Glows In The Dark?

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South Goa’s Betalbatim beach has glow in the dark waves and you gotta check it out!

What Is It?

Everyone would agree, South Goa is cleaner, quieter and perfect for anyone looking for a peaceful getaway. The beaches are lovely and the atmosphere is serene. But we bet you wouldn’t know that Betalbatim beach in Goa also glows in the dark. But how? Due to a natural phenomenon known as Bioluminescence, the waves appear as though they are glowing in the dark.

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What Is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is an emission and production of life by a natural microorganism (Phytoplanktons) . In this instance, this organism lives in water and is carried to the shore by the tides and currents in the water. When they hit the store, it alters the flow of the organism which leads to the emission of light. Therefore, the beach along with its waves will appear bright blue in color. 

Are There More Bioluminescent Beaches In India?

Until now, this phenomenon was only observed in Lakshadweep’s Kavaratti island. Now you can observe it at South Goa’s Betalbatim and a few instances have been observed in Mumbai’s Juhu Beach as well. 

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