Did You Know This Japanese Train Uses Leftover Ramen As Fuel?

by Shreya Ghosh
Did You Know This Japanese Train Uses Leftover Ramen As Fuel?

Every time I talk about Japanese cuisine, I cannot resist craving some delicious miso soup, sushi, ramen, and tempura. The popularity and foodies’ love for this simple yet lip-smacking cuisine is increasing every other day. It is no secret that we love trying out Japanese food at different restaurants, but did you ever consider that the leftovers are now protecting the environment? Seems very surprising, right? Well, a Japanese company is now using leftover ramen broth to run its trains by replacing conventional fuel.

A Japanese Company Invents Leftover Ramen Broth As A Fuel Substitute

Picture credit- Canva

The Japanese train company that is getting popular all around the world for such a significant invention is named Nishida Logistics. They use an exceptional idea to fuel their special sightseeing train for everyone. Just by using the ramen broth, they can produce enough fuel to run their small trains in Japan. This new biodiesel made using leftover ramen is sourced from local eateries, according to a report by Modern Met.

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According to a report by Gulfood, the Amaterasu Railway and Nishida Logistics collaborated to bring this idea of biodiesel to life.

How Is This Biodiesel Made?

ramenThis fuel substitute is a combination of tempura oil and ramen broth. 90 per cent is tempura oil and different cooking oils and the rest 10 per cent is ramen broth. Transforming the broth into biodiesel is an entire process. The first step is to remove the lard from it. In the next step, the company uses a technique to refine the liquid. This process helps in restricting the broth to get solidified.

Such substitutes for conventional fuel are great to reduce the extreme usage of petrol and diesel. It leaves a lesser impact on the environment and is also a perfect step to protect nature and preserve its resources, at least to some extent.

So, the next time you are in Japan, make sure to take a ride on this train and enjoy the picturesque landscapes on this one-of-a-kind journey.

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Isn’t this a great initiative to not discard leftover ramen broth and reduce the usage of conventional fuel at the same time?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva