Japanese Hotel Serves Fermented Orange Drink Made With Hand Bacteria; Lands In Trouble

by Shreya Ghosh
Japanese Hotel Serves Fermented Orange Drink Made With Hand Bacteria; Lands In Trouble

Over 7 billion live in this world in different corners of the world. We have our own culture, traditions, lifestyle, and habits that make us distinct from each other. And the same goes for our diet, our cuisines, and the things we eat regularly. In Japan, fermented drinks are super famous and also one of the most popular examples that the cuisine has to offer. While we know that every dish and drink has a set of methods to prepare, a viral video of a restaurant making a fermented orange drink is shocking the Netizens.

Orange Drink Is Fermented Well With Hands

orange drink
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To make this much-talked-about drink, one will need to ferment all the ingredients really well. And the fermentation process of a restaurant in Japan has grabbed all the attention of Internet users. Named AWA Nishiizu Hotel, this hotel in Shizuoka Prefecture is receiving a lot of hatred online for the last few days and the reason for such an incident is the process they follow to make the fermented orange drink.

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This hotel is now making headlines for its method of preparing this fermented drink. This restaurant was featured in the Beat Takeshi’s TV Tackle and the audience got to take a sneak peek into the authentic travel diaries and food habits of the country. This special orange drink is one of the specials of AWA Nishiizu Hotel and this is the reason behind receiving so much flak.

Netizens Are Shocked Seeing The Fermentation Procedure!

Fresh oranges and sugar granules are needed to prepare the drink. The catch is using bare hands to ferment it. The mixture is kept inside plastic jars and then fermented well with hands. An employee of the hotel shared that they use bacteria indigenous to the hands to ferment the drinks. The video of the process has left Internet users wondering about the hygiene maintenance and consequences after drinking this drink.

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After the interview went viral, the hotel started to receive a lot of hatred and flak. As a result of all these, the hotel issued an apology. Not just that, they also removed this drink from their menu.

Will you ever try out this drink?

Cover Image Courtesy: Youtube/ フジノワダイ