The Viral Cup Holder Hack Holds Extra Drinks But Leaves Twitteratis With A Lot Of Questions!

by Mallika Khurana
The Viral Cup Holder Hack Holds Extra Drinks But Leaves Twitteratis With A Lot Of Questions!

None of our days are complete without an over-the-top dose of caffeine, getting us through the highs and lows of daily life. In fact, the regular coffee runs are something we often look forward to. Have you ever come across a situation when you are on a coffee run for the ENTIRE office and on your way back, you wish there was only a little more space in the holder? Barely holding it all together, just on the verge of spilling all of it, you somehow make it. Well, your wish for a little more space might just have been answered with a viral cup holder hack.

This Viral Cup Holder Hack Has 9M Views

A Twitter page by the name of “Today Years Old” often makes surprising revelations about things from our daily lives that we often miss. This time around, the page posted a hack where a person is seen fitting an extra cup in a holder that looks like a standard 4-cup holder. Take a look at the video and watch the solution to all your problems for the day!

This life-saving hack obviously went viral on Twitter quite instantly. People were amazed at how convenient it would make their lives. And they also wondered why they couldn’t figure out this themselves. In no time, this video got more than 9 million views, leaving people fascinated all over the world. 

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Twitteratis Were Left With A Lot Of Questions

Unlike a lot of hacks, this one seems quite practical and will certainly come in handy almost every day. This video was met with the same spirit on Twitter. Naturally, they also had a lot of questions about this viral cup holder hack. While some were amazed by it, others questioned the durability of the holder once it held so many drinks. Some even recommended testing the quality of the holder before risking spilling it. Some users even pointed out that most cup holders rip after putting only 2-3 drinks in them. Here’s a glimpse of the reactions:

Well, the quality and thickness of the cup holders are definitely something to be careful about. Otherwise, this hack is certainly a brilliant way to avoid juggling those coffee cups in your hand. What do you think about the effectiveness of this viral hack?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Today Years Old