Diljit Dosanjh Shares His 1st International Travel Experience; Lady Luck Was By His Side!

Diljit Dosanjh revealed a fun anecdote about his first international flight experience to Canada and it was...

by Sanjana Shenoy
Diljit Dosanjh Shares His 1st International Travel Experience; Lady Luck Was By His Side!

A Sunday Brunch episode that’s out to win hearts! An episode that will leave Diljit Dosanjh fans thrilled! After all, when Diljit Paaji meets Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani there will be lots of fun, food and stories. The Punjabi singer and actor who’s got the world grooving and cinephiles in awe, met Kamiya Jani with his Jatt & Juliet 3 co-star Neeru Bajwa for a wonderful Sunday Brunch. During this chit-chat, he revealed his first-time international travel experience.

Diljit Dosanjh Reveals His First International Flight Experience

On this Sunday Brunch episode, Kamiya asked Diljit about his first international travel experience. The Chamkila actor said that he had to travel to Canada for a show in 2005. But his Air India flight to Canada got cancelled. Diljit believed it to be bad luck as his first international flight got cancelled. His next flight to Canada was fully booked and he couldn’t find a seat except one in the First Class.

So, the first time Diljit Dosanjh ever flew out of India it was on a First Class ticket. After this incident the actor believed that flights only had First Class seats. Later, he realised that flights had Economy class as well. “Baad mein mujhe pata chala ki Economy hoti hai,” he laughed. “Phir time lag gaya Economy se First Class aate aate,” Diljit revealed candidly.

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While He Flies First Class, He Is Open To Travel Economy

But the actor said it takes time for one to earn enough to comfortably afford First Class seats. He says that one needs to be patient and act according to situations. If a situation arises where he would need to travel in Economy Class, he will do so. The Lover singer says, “Apne aap ko restrict nahin karna chahiye ki main aisa hi hoon, main aaise hi jaata hoon, main aise hi karta hoon” (We shouldn’t restrict ourselves in the way we travel or the way we are).

Neeru Bajwa quipped, ” Dependant nahin hona chahiye ki cheez par” (Shouldn’t be dependant on anything). Diljit agreed with her. Well, Diljit Dosanjh had lady luck by his side on his first international travel experience. That explains the First Class travel to Canada.

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Meanwhile, check out the entire episode on our Curly Tales YouTube channel, you’d love it!

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