Dine Nawabi Style at Basanti and Co, Versova’s Newest Eatery

by Nainisha Mehta
Dine Nawabi Style at Basanti and Co, Versova’s Newest Eatery

Under 140 Characters

The name ‘Basanti’ instantly reminds us of Hema Malini riding her Dhanno. Sholay may not have a restaurant version of itself, but the fun-quirky Basanti sure does.

What Is It?

Who said North-Indian cuisine has to limit itself to the flavours of Punjab? Basanti & Co is exploring the North, but with different tastes. Awadh was definitely famous for its Nawabs and where you have Nawabs you know the food has to be top-notch. The Versova restaurant is giving Mumbai a chance to experience this royalty. There are no darbaars or Mahals, but the cuisine is the stuff of Royals. With an all-Awadhi menu, Basanti & Co is where you can get a taste of Lucknow.

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Basanti Murgh Tandoori
Basanti Murgh Tandoori at Basanti & C0. Picture Source: Mumbaifoodie Instagram

Food & Drinks

The Awadhis pride themselves on their paans and kebabs and Basanti & Co follows suit. Chef Qureshi is a descendant of the Qureshi clan that invented the sumptuous kebabs, and now at Basanti, he lets you on his ancestral delicacy. With recipes passed down from his ancestors, the kebabs at Basanti come with the authentic Awadhi touch. That’s not it, the entire kitchen staff is flown in from Lucknow. They want to keep the flavours untouched from Mumbai’s influence. Gorge on Galawat Ke Kebab, the one dish that will definitely take you to Lucknow. The  made of tender lamb and yakhni gravy with herbs and spices is another crowd favourite. Vegetarians can indulge in Paneer Do Pyaaza, Baingan Mirch Salan and Dal-E-Khaas.

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Galouti Kebabs
Legendary Galouti Kebabs at Basanti & Co. Picture Source: Chef Rohan Dsouza Instagram Page.

It’s not all food here at Basanti. Booze lovers can relish in their Awadh style cocktails too! A must-try is the Gabbar Ka Paan. You need to eat the flaming paan and drink the gin-based cocktail right after to get the right tastes. No royal meal is complete without paan. Basanti & Co makes sure you get the full experience. They have a paan counter with more than 15 types of specialities. From Butterscotch paan to Blackcurrant Coffee Paan (paan dipped in melted chocolate with black-currant flavours and a coffee after taste), the paan menu at Basanti leaves no stone unturned!

The Ambiance

If Basanti was a restaurant, we know what she would be like – cheerful, full of colours, quirky and not too loud. Besides, dhanno that welcomes you at the door, the restaurant is not an ode to the legendary character or the film, but it is a reflection of our Indian roots. The walls painted with bright colours and eccentric patterns, the upholstery with traditional prints, walls decorated with cutlery, Basanti & Co is lively but soothing at the same time. The use of minimalistic patterns and French windows makes it more spacious. To dine Nawabi style you need to try Versova’s latest entrant!


Address:  7/11, Meera Apartments, Juhu Versova Link Road, 7 Bungalows, Andheri West.
Approx Cost: ₹1,000 for two people

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