Do You Know About The Relation Between Battle Of Plassey & The Oldest Bari’s Durga Puja In Kolkata?

by Ankita Mazumdar
Do You Know About The Relation Between Battle Of Plassey & The Oldest Bari’s Durga Puja In Kolkata?

Have you ever had a chance to witness the oldest Durga Puja in North Kolkata? Let us tell you about one of the historic rajbaris which have existed since pre-independence times. Sovabazar Rajbari has become an essential heritage site because they have continued to celebrate Durga Puja since 1757! If you have never had the chance to witness Kolkata’s Sovabazar Rajbari then read on.

What is Bari Pujo?

  • The famous bonedi baris of Kolkata observe the grand celebrations of Durga Puja every year. Bonedi baris are residences of former aristocratic family from over 150 to 400 years.
  • Rich Bengali zamindars owned bonedi baris and they were known for extravagant parties.
  • Baris has huge arches and long pillars that are reminiscent of the architectural style; it will transport you to the bygone rich era of Kolkata.
  • Durga Maa is worshipped in the public courtyard of bonedi baris. The idols are always prepared on a semi-circular ekchala which is the background for the idols.

Relation Between Battle Of Plassey And The Oldest Bonedi Bari’s Durga Puja In Kolkata

  • Sovabazar Rajbari is also known as ‘Baag ola Bari’ which translates to a house with lions. It has two lion statues at the gate, facing outwards and roaring out to the world. Lions are a symbol of pride.
  • Sovabazar Rajbari celebrated the grand festivities of Durga Puja in the year 1757. It was diligently started by Raja Nabakrishna Deb, an aristocrat and a follower of the Brahmo Samaj. He used to be the secretary of Robert Clive, the first British Governor of the Bengal.
  • It was done to celebrate the victory of the British against Nabab Siraj-Ud-Daulah at the Battle Of Plassey in 1757.
    Therefore, it became the oldest bari’s Durga Puja in North Kolkata and they still have followed the tradition of celebrating Durga Puja grandly.

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  • It became a place for hosting important Bengali cultural events which were graced by some of the eminent personalities like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Rabindranath Tagore, Sister Nivedita and more.
  • This bonedi bari has a Radha-Krishna temple, Nabaratna Temple and the family has been worshipping them for the past 250 years or so.

The Golden Durga Maa Of Sovabazar Rajbari

Sovabazar Rajbari’s idol was known for its signature style of keeping the idol golden. The idol used to be golden colour but after almost a century the idol had to be changed to the colour silver. It was due to financial reasons. in 2017, again the idol was brought back to its original colour.

With time, Raja Nabakrishna Deb built a Chota Rajbari right opposite to Sovabazar Rajbari and even here Durga Puja is held. The descendants of Raja Nabakrishna Deb make sure to maintain the tradition.

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The Durga celebrations and the vibes during Durga Puja at these bonedi baris are just something else. The dhaak sounds don’t stop and the whole courtyard just lights up with the decorations and happy faces eager to celebrate Durga Maa. if you ever get a chance to witness and enjoy bonedi bari’s Durga Puja then you must. You will feel the richness and regalness coming right at you.

Did you know that Sovabazar Rajbari’s idol is the first one to be immersed during idol immersion on Dashami? The rest of the idols are then proceeded for immersion.

Cover Image Credits: Instagram/sovabazar_rajbari

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