Do You Know There Is No Retirement Age Limit In Japan? This Is The Reason!

In Japan, age is truly just a number!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Do You Know There Is No Retirement Age Limit In Japan? This Is The Reason!

Japan and its impressive technology are way ahead of the world, even when it comes to no mandatory retirement schemes clubbed with increased life expectancy! In a world where labour and working around the clock is limited to almost 60 years of age, Japan doesn’t restrict its residents. If your body and mind are fit enough to work any kind of job, then the Japanese happily do it. There is a plus side to it, let’s know all about it.

No Retirement Plans Anytime Soon? Move To Japan!


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If you have travelled to Japan, you might have witnessed many denizens between the ages of 80 to 90 have sustainable jobs and work daily. This is because no one ever retires in Japan! There is no need to focus on lifetime savings and after-retirement plans. Japan’s government allows its residents to work as they please by not accepting mandatory retirement schemes. 

In this manner, they can move their body as much as they can to be healthy and not have old-age diseases like osteoarthritis, diabetes, depression and more. Not just diseases but working at that age without retiring induces a sense of purpose, fulfilment and belonging in contrast to depression and loneliness which can easily come with old age. This concept stems from the famous Japanese word ‘Ikigai’. This word can made up of ‘iki’ which means to live and  ‘gai’ which means reason and combined it becomes a reason to live.

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Ikigai Your Way Through Life And Increase Your Life Expectancy


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Ikigai plays an essential role in their decision-making of whether they want to work after 60 years or not. If your reason to live is to sit by a lake, feed your fish and watch the lovely cheery blossoms dance in the wind, be that. However, if you are someone who wishes to thrive in their late 80s and 90s, an active and healthy lifestyle is necessary.

This is one of the prime reasons why Japan has higher life expectancies with no retirement age limit! So, if you want to live longer with your loved ones and make more memories, move to Japan. In addition to that the country is highly advanced in every sector along with being a glorious tourist attraction.

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So, when are you moving to Japan?

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