Doc On Akasa Air Saves Man’s Life Mid-Air, Says, “Felt Like A Whole Day Inside Terrifying ICU”

X (Formerly Twitter) user posted his mid-air emergency experience with a dialysis patient, shares how he used a stethoscope after three and half years.

by Tashika Tyagi
Doc On Akasa Air Saves Man’s Life Mid-Air, Says, “Felt Like A Whole Day Inside Terrifying ICU”

Tragedy can strike you anywhere! But there are always helping hands out there that can help you through any tragic incident. That’s what happened to a man flying in an Akasa Air flight from Kochi to Mumbai recently. According to a post shared on X (formerly Twitter), @theliverdr shared about this horrifying experience on the flight. He was the doctor who tended to a man who experienced an oxygen shortage due to bad liver and other medical issues. The doctor had to perform a double puncture with the assistance of the flight attendants to keep the patient afloat till they landed. The patient was then taken to the hospital.

A Mid-Air Horror Saved By An Attentive Doc & Flight Attendants


According to the X (formerly Twitter) post that is now going viral, @theliverdr helped save a man’s life by performing an emergency procedure mid-air. A hepatologist and liver transplant physician at Rajagiri Hospital, Kochi, the X user shared the entire incident on his post. He recalled that while trying to take a nap on his flight from Kochi to Mumbai in a Akasa Air flight, he heard a commotion and saw a fellow passenger becoming breathless mid-air. He helped the air hostess plug in the man’s nebulizer for an emergency inhalational treatment as his oximeter showed an oxygen saturation was 36%.

After checking the patient’s vitals and his precious prescriptions, he came to know that the man had bad kidneys and was taking regular dialysis. After checking with a stethoscope, the doctor found that the patient’s “left side lung sounds were completely absent.” He was suffering from a condition called pleural effusion. Seeing that there was still an hour before they could land for emergency medical services, the doctor performed a double puncture to save his life. With the assistance of the Akasa Air flight attendants, the doctor was able to keep the patient afloat till they landed and he was taken to the hospital.

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Family Expresses Gratitude, Wishes The Best For The Doctor, Akasa Air

doctor save man mid air
Image Courtesy: Canva & X/@theliverdr

@theliverdr said he felt like he was “inside an ICU and had to make quick decisions.” He also gave the patient a frusemide injection to stabilise his condition. Furthemore, he mentioned that the flight attendants in the Akasa Air flight were of great help. He even credited them for helping him save the man’s life and said it “would not have been possible without their help.”

Posting an update on the patient’s health, the doctor shared screenshots of the conversation with the man’s family. The family updated him about the man’s health and thanked him heartily for his help mid-air. The doctor spoke to the man himself and mentioned that he was safe and feeling much better now.

Such incidents restore our faith in humanity and show how a helping hand can save lives!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & X/@theliverdr

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