Want To Consult A Doctor In India Without Paying Fees? National Telemedicine Service Can Help

by Shreya Ghosh
Want To Consult A Doctor In India Without Paying Fees? National Telemedicine Service Can Help

Falling sick does not only affect our physical and mental health but it also affects our pockets as well. The fees of many doctors are quite expensive and can surely burn a major hole in our pockets. However, we cannot avoid consulting a doctor because of the costly appointment fees as it can get more harmful and majorly impactful in the future. Well, to solve all these problems and save us from spending a good amount of money on doctors’ fees, there is an excellent service launched by the Government of India.

You Can Now Consult A Doctor & Avoid Paying Fees

Taking to the Instagram platform, digital creator Mohib Malgi (@thinkwithmohib) shared an insightful video that can help Netizens save loads of money from spending on doctors’ appointment fees.


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Do you know the Government of India has launched a free National Telemedicine Service? Well, it has been a few years since the Union Health Ministry’s National Telemedicine Service came into action and started helping users with consulting doctors for free. Known as “eSanjeevani”, this online platform helps users with easy access to many doctors and medical specialists. No one needs to step outside or visit a clinic for this. They can simply do the needful using their mobile phones.

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How To Use eSanjeevani?

Picture credit- Canva

Anyone with a mobile phone can use the National Telemedicine Service. Before starting to consult with doctors on eSanjeevani, users need to register and complete a few steps.

  • The first step of the process is to register on the online portal. To register, users need to add some basic details.
  • In the next step, users need to specify and mention the symptoms. There is a long list of symptoms so people can tick the options according to the problems they are facing.
  • Then the online service portal shows a list of doctors and specialists with whom people can consult on a video call.
  • These doctors provide prescriptions and these are valid all around India.
  • Patients can simply purchase the prescribed medicines and follow everything advised by the specialists.

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Have you used eSanjeevani before? If yes, how have been your experiences of using the free National Telemedicine Service?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva