Dubai-Abu Dhabi Hyperloop To Be Launched In 2020

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 5123

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And it’s here! You can travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes as the much awaited hyperloop will be operational from 2020.

What’s It?

If you are the kind who travels frequently to Abu Dhabi, then this is sure to bring a smile on your face. A hyperloop connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be launched in 2020. This will connect the two cities in 12 minutes, compared to 90 minutes it takes otherwise.

The hyperloop capsule has been dispatched from the assembly facility in Spain to Toulouse, France, where it will be tested and optimised, before it becomes fully functional in the Emirates. The hyperloop is said to connect Al Ain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi at unimaginable speeds, safety and sustainability. The first 10 km stretch is said to be ready by 2020. The loop can seat about 10 people in each pod and is estimated to take 10,000 passengers per hour to and from Dubai.



Bibop Gresta, Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, revealed that the project costs a whooping $20 million to $40 million per kilometre, which he hopes to recoup in 8-15 years.

First Look Of The Hyperloop

We’ll let you know once the dates are out!