Dubai Folks, Phantom Of Opera Is Back On THIS Date. Get Your Tix Soon

by Anupriya Mishra
Dubai Folks, Phantom Of Opera Is Back On THIS Date. Get Your Tix Soon

Musical performances have the power to transport the audience watching the story unfold on stage, to a whole new world. With the brilliant scores, talented artists, and dance numbers that enrapture the visitors, it’s no secret that theatre performances would have a special place in the hearts of folks, who love art. And if you too happen to be someone who holds a soft spot for such artistic brilliance unfolding on stage, then you are in for some great news, as we just heard that The Phantom of Opera, the world’s most popular musical is returning to Dubai Opera. Here’s all you need to know about this upcoming musical performance in Dubai.

The Phantom Of Opera Returns To Dubai

The Phantom of Opera is undoubtedly one of the most famous and well-known productions in the world of theatres and operas. And it seems that fans of theatrical performances and those who appreciate art in Dubai are in for a fantastic treat. We say this because renowned theatre production is making its way back to Dubai. Yes, you will be able to watch the mesmerising musical, The Phantom of Opera in 2024, as it will be taking place from February 22 to March 10. Regarded as the world’s most popular musical, this performance contains some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most soul-stirring and popular music.

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It First Made Its Debut In 2019

In case you aren’t aware, this much-awaited performance and musical is based on a novel by a French journalist and mystery writer, Gaston Leroux. As it happens, the beautiful show relays the timeless tale of a disfigured, musical genius, haunting the depths of the Paris Opera House, before he is enraptured by the musical talents of young, soprano, Christine. As he reels her in as a protege, this Phantom falls in love with her and descends into madness, fuelled by jealousy, when he learns about her love affair with Raoul, the opera’s patron. What follows next is a dramatic series of events that are brought to life perfectly on stage by the talented group of artists, leaving the spectators, sitting at the edge of their seats, watching on with anticipation.

Although the tickets are not yet available, it should be noted that this musical made its debut in Dubai, first in 2019. It came along with 130 cast, crew, and orchestra members, creating a stunning scenery for the audience.

So, stay tuned to the space if you also wish to know about the latest details relating to the tickets for this much-awaited musical performance, after all, it’s not always that you get to see a brilliant masterpiece being played out on stage.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/phantomopera