Dubai Gets A New Boho-Themed Beach Front Club And It Looks Stunning

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai  Gets A New Boho-Themed Beach Front Club And It Looks Stunning

Sunset Chasers get ready to head down to this new beachfront next month in Dubai. Gaze at the rumbling waves and twinkly palm trees from the central location of Palm West. A new boho-theme spot called, Playa Beach Club prepares to open its doors in May 2022. Playa might prove itself to be the best boho beach club In Dubai in 2022.

Probable Best Boho Beach Club In Dubai 2022

Playa translates to ‘festival of the regeneration of life. The probable best boho beach club in Dubai 2022 is set to open on Wednesday, May 4. It’s all set to get an inside restaurant as well as various alfresco sections that pour down to the white sand beach.


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The beach club is all about relaxing and soaking up the sun on the lounger on the sands. Grab a seat on the terrace for vistas of the golden hour against the stunning cityscape in the evening. But don’t get lazy as the night will start with energetic beats from the DJ. Summer heat can get out of hand, hence, this spot has covered you. Dip in the cool waters of the pool in the Palm West area in the scorching heat. You can visit the beach club between 10 am to 2 am.


Dance, Eat, Chill Repeat!

This slogan fits this upcoming boho beach club in Dubai smoothly. Playa will offer to Palm West Beach a combination of Peruvian cuisine and Shamanic house music. Chef Carlo Valentino has created a blend of Nikkei and Peruvian flavours for the cuisine. The culinary lineup honours Peru’s many landscapes. It depicts the Pacific coast’s arid strip, the Andes, the world’s longest mountain range, and the Amazon basin. Fresh Pacific seafood, nutritious quinoa meals, and delectable grilled fish are just a few of the culinary delights of this boho beach club in Dubai.
There is something for everyone here. Weekend brunches, unique business lunches, and relaxing sunset rituals promising lavish ceremonies as day changes to night are all on the Playa’s agenda.

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