Dubai Is The Busiest Airport In The World For International Passengers 9th Year In A Row

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Is The Busiest Airport In The World For International Passengers 9th Year In A Row

Dubai International Airport has retained its crown for the 9th consecutive year for recording the most international passengers. The report by Airport’s Council International (ACI) clarified the data study and suggest the first rank of Dubai’s Airport as the busiest international airport in the world. Well, we ain’t surprised as we have been seeing it win for 9 years now. Check out more deets below.

ACI Ranks DXB Airport As The Busiest Airport

Although being ranked first, the Airport has witnessed a drop in the passenger compared to the last few years statistics. According to ACI’s latest listing of the 10 busiest airports worldwide, Dubai stands at the top with 66,069, 981 international passengers flying to the airport. The list is curated based on 2022 data.

A strong recovery in foreign travel helped the number of passengers more than double to over 66 million in 2022. DXB has since increased its projected 2023 passenger volume to 78 million. Dubai airport community has successfully handled the increasing crowd using the airport to travel or transit. The traffic recovery done by this airport from pandemic days to post-pandemic is impeccable and unexpected.

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Dubai’s Aviation Industry Has Boomed Post Pandemic

Busiest Airport
Pic Creds: ACI

The number of passengers handled by DXB during the last three months of 2022 reached pre-pandemic norms. Dubai’s growth was far superior to the rest of the globe. Why? We’re all conscious of how the staff at Dubai Airport worked together to manage the massive crowds that were swarming the airport. Travellers benefited greatly from the new airport amenities, such as smart gates, biometric systems, and digital visa services. By taking the numbers into account, we can also determine the amount of staff that was hired to serve the visitors quickly and without interruption.

All these factors have to be taken into consideration when we celebrate the ranking of Dubai International Airport’s first rank in the list.

Other countries that trail behind are London at the 2nd rank with Amsterdam, Paris and Istanbul following with their respective order. Dubai has achieved 5th rank in the busiest airport list of 2022 curated by ACI again. We will be back soon with rankings for 2023.

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