Dubai Will Soon Be Home To An Immersive Digital Art Exhibit

by Deeplata Garde

It’s not surprising that it might be difficult to keep track of all exhibits considering that Dubai serves as the house to numerous of the biggest exhibitions across the world. Take out some time to dip in the ocean of immersive art that is heading to Dubai. A digital art exhibit at Al Khayat Art Avenue is something that should definitely be on your list.

Kanvas Will Be The Venue For An Immersive Art Exhibition Happening In Dubai


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The high-tech, widely considered art exhibition Revival of Aesthetics 2.0 will be held at kanvas. It’s the immersive arts and events facility on Al Khayat Art Avenue. You can also call it the newest artistic neighbourhood of Dubai. On Saturday, January 28 from 10 am to 6 pm, the public can view the show. You only have until Monday, February 20 to view it because it won’t be a permanent exhibit.

He highlights the practice of carpet weaving in the East in this exhibition. In total, 150,000 conventional carpet compositions that have all been digitalized make up the immersive experience. In order to produce a completely new mesmerising pattern that is projected onto the gallery walls, an algorithm first recognises the motifs, patterns, doodles, and calligraphic shapes present in the carpets.

With AI, a fresh artistic method that is sweeping the globe, the exhibition expertly unites a historical component with it.

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Learn About AI Art In This Exhibition


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A historical component and AI, a fresh artistic strategy that is sweeping the globe, are seamlessly combined in this display.

Speaking about the show, the artist said he was excited to collaborate with the gallery and give people a chance to see this brand-new immersive exhibition.

Would you like to learn more about AI art? Shraddha Chaurasia, an Art Director for a strategic digital communications firm in Dubai who has just begun experimenting with digital art, was the subject of our conversation.

Considering it to be a limited-time exhibit, make the most of it while it lasts.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Kanvas Dubai

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