Dubai’s Global Village Gets UAE’s First Ice Cream Serving AI Robot

by Yogita Chainani
Dubai’s Global Village Gets UAE’s First Ice Cream Serving AI Robot

Dubai is one city in the world that strives to show you what the future looks like. Be it the opulent Museum of the Future or the stunning Dubai EXPO 2020, the emirate knows how to stun people with its creativity and futuristic approach. And when we talk about Future, Dubai is already in the future, since the emirate’s popular Global Village has the world’s first Mannequin AI Robotic Vending Machine. Curious to know more? Well, read on for more.

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You Can Enjoy Ice Cream From An AI Robotic Vending Machine In Dubai For AED25

Located in Global Village and Dubai Festival City Mall, Icealice is the world’s first mannequin AI robotic vending machine. This robotic mannequin communicates and interacts with the customer using recognition and sensory tools throughout the entire process until the collection of the selected product. And when in Dubai, you have to try the ice cream served here. Priced at AED25, you can choose from three-four flavours or opt for mix-flavour ice cream- the choice is yours.

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Icealice Reacts To Instructions Made By The Customers Via Voices And Gestures

Now, we know AED25 for ice cream is a lot even in Dubai; however, the experience of watching an AI Robot serve ice cream is one-of-its-kind. And if you haven’t experienced something like this, you have to check out Icealice. Icealice reacts to instructions made by the customers via voice and gestures. Now, that’s something right? So if you want to see what the future looks like, have this ice cream made by Icealice and get the perfect taste of the future.