Dubai’s Skyline To Have 3D Printed Buildings By 2030

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai’s Skyline To Have 3D Printed Buildings By 2030

Dubai is truly a city of dreams and you got to experience it to believe it. Tallest, biggest, craziest- this city has tasted it all and with much elan and class. And now, Dubai’s skyline will soon be graced by 3D printed buildings- raising your eyebrows? Well, we did too!

What’s It?

A recent tweet by the Dubai media office revealed that a quarter of Dubai’s buildings will be 3D printed by 2030. The massive effort is a part of a new strategy that aims to exploit 3D technology for the service of humanity. As well as promoting 3D technology, the new strategy will also put Dubai as a leading hub for 3D printing. Now, that’s another feather added, isn’t it?

According to the Dubai Future Foundation, the 3D technology will reduce labour by 70% and cut costs by 90% across various sectors. In addition, UN has also predicted that the world will have over 41 mega-cities with more than 10 million inhabitants by 2030.

Dubai tested the first 3D printed building in 2016, when it opened the world’s first building which was made completely using technology. The building was named ‘The Office of the Future’, and was constructed using a 3D printer with a robotic arm.

What Else?

Driverless trains will soon become a reality in Dubai, thanks to RTA’s latest deal. Dubai transport system has never ceased to impress- be it adding bus routes, or introducing the metro. But, that’s not all! The Dubai RTA recently launched a circular marine route that takes you through the city’s best attractions. The effort is an initiative to popularize marine transport, while being accessible to the city’s top attractions.

Skytrans operate through pods that can cruise at a speed of 100mph. The whole system runs on a magnetism-based technology which is designed to be seamless, and hassle-free.

Meanwhile, Dubai’s first automated taxi has passed all the necessary safety requirements. The car can travel at a speed of 35km per hour and can accommodate four people. Dubai RTA launched the vehicle at Gitex (Dubai’s biggest electronic shopping fest) last year.