I Earned A Free Flight Ticket! Here’s How You Can Do It Too

by Kritika Kukreja
I Earned A Free Flight Ticket! Here’s How You Can Do It Too

Who doesn’t wish for a free flight ticket to Goa? I did and it actually happened! Read on to know how you can also earn yourself a free ticket too.

What Is It?

Aah Goa! The land of sunny palms and salty kisses. There’s nothing more exciting than a free flight ticket to this beautiful state and how did I do it? By shopping of course! Not the answer you were expecting, right? Well, I didn’t think it was possible either until we heard of the surprisingly simple perks of the JetPrivilege programme.


How Do I Shop & Earn JPMiles?

What if I told you that the next time you buy groceries online, you’re actually earning your way to a free ticket? We are not kidding! From groceries to that new outfit you wanted to a new phone to even something as simple as purchasing baby onesies – helps you get closer to that dream vacation.

JetPrivilege has an online shopping platform with over 20 million products listed. Anything you want to purchase is probably listed here, and they’ve partnered with Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa, FirstCry, Myntra, Big Basket, Urban Ladder and various other shopping partners. Every time you buy something through this JetPrivilege platform you will earn JPMiles which will get you closer to your free flight just like that.

Jet privilege

I earn JPMiles every day, just by going about my daily activities. It’s not that difficult – you can earn up to 26 JPMiles for every 100 INR that you spend! All you have to do is continue to buy your make-up, clothes, electronics and just daily routine stuff to keep earning those JPMiles.

Now, I’m usually so lost when I shop for stuff online that I would often forget to go through the JetPrivilege website or remember all the JetPrivilege programme partners. Luckily, there’s an easy solution for that. They have a Chrome Extension called the JetPrivilege Scout which will always help you spot JPMiles earning opportunities. Just install it on your Chrome browser (only available on Desktop) and you’ll be notified about all those products that earn you JPMiles and lead to partner websites. Installing the extension takes less than a minute and is totally worth it. All these accumulated JPMiles can then be used to fly to your dream vacay. The more the miles, the closer you are to your free flight ticket! How’s that for a ‘rewarding shopping experience’!


jet privilege

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It’s pretty cool when I think that I’ve shopped my way to a free Goa ticket and it would be unfair if I didn’t share some of the tips to get there faster. Because no one should be denied a good vacay especially if the ticket to get there is free!

How do you know if you have enough JPMiles to be eligible for a free flight ticket? It’s pretty simple really. The website has a really cool calculator which lets you know which destinations you are eligible to go to as per your JPMiles balance. My 5000 accumulated JPMiles could take me to 42 destinations, (7 if you are booking from Mumbai) but I’m a beach bum and Goa was calling out to me! So off I went to the land of sun, sand and sea. If you already have a destination in mind and want to know how many JPMiles you need to fly there for free, you can calculate that here!

Shhh! Here’s a special secret just for our Curly Tales readers – We recommend using any of the Jet Airways/ JetPrivilege co-brand cards for everyday spends as the best way to get to your free flight faster.

jet privilege

Begin by enrolling yourself in the JetPrivilege programme if you aren’t a member yet, and earn JPMiles every time you shop online, reserve a table, book a curated menu, hotel or flight. Just quote your JetPrivilege membership number and don’t stop collecting! Well, at least until you get those free flights to your dream destinations!

Oh, and the last thing to do? Pack your bags!

Disclaimer* – Free flights are award flights booked using JPMiles as a reward currency excluding taxes


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