Eat Everything Under AED 20 At This 36-Year-Old Bakery In Dubai

by Ishita Agarwal
Eat Everything Under AED 20 At This 36-Year-Old Bakery In Dubai

There are several options for sweet treats in Dubai, but nothing surpasses the nostalgia of revisiting a long-standing favourite. Habib bakery, is one of the oldest bakery in Dubai, which you can find in the heart of Hor Al Anz’s bustling alleys. Habib is more than simply a bakery offering tasty trinkets for the uninitiated. You may wonder what makes this bakery so well-known and adored around the city. Find out by reading on! 

An Iconic Bakery In Dubai Where You Can Eat Everything Under AED20

The Habib Bakery in Dubai has been a staple of the city’s culinary scene for 32 years, and for a good reason: they make some of the city’s best-baked goods. Kunhi Moyin and his brothers established the bakery in 1987. Habib was the first bakery to provide 24-hour service, a notion that had not before existed.

As a result, not much has changed at the historic candy store. One of the reasons people keep coming back to this bakery is because of the old-fashioned character it proudly displays. 


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Indulge In Your Favourite Bakery Items 

Some of the best sweets you can ind on the menu. Habib offers various pastries, including their distinctive premium cakes, layer cakes, rolls, and puff pastries. But the Turkish delicacy Baklava is what the bakery is most famous for, and they offer over 20 different kinds. 

In search of a spicy way to combat the effects of sugar? Visit the savoury aisle! You may get a chicken puff, mushroom quiche, burger, chicken rolls at only AED2.50, hot dog pizza at only AED4.50, fatayer, or just one of the warm, buttery croissants. It is one of the best places in Dubai to eat delicious bakery items at affordable prices. 

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