Emirates Announces New Home Check-In Service And Here’s How It Will Help

by Deeplata Garde
Emirates Announces New Home Check-In Service And Here’s How It Will Help

We all go through the trauma of scheduling our check-ins for flights. But imagine like every other service, check-in also gets a home delivery service? With Emirates, everything is possible! Emirates recently announced a free home/hotel check-in service for a few fellow travellers. At pre-arranged times, the agent will visit the travellers’ residences or hotels to fulfil all requirements. Read ahead to understand how to avail of this service.

Dubai’s Air Carrier Announces Another World-Class Experience

Emirates’ First Class clients in Dubai and Sharjah can use this service for free. At pre-arranged times, check-in agents will visit travellers at their homes or hotels to fulfil all requirements, such as document verification, baggage check-in, and boarding permits. For some last-min excess baggage, there is a designated desk at the terminal.

The bags will be taken by the agents, and passengers can use the pre-booked Emirates premium chauffeur-drive service for free to reach the airport. The booking for free home check-in should be at least 24 hours ahead of flight departure time. The earliest check-in time is six hours prior to takeoff.

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Customers can travel immediately through immigration and security upon arriving at Dubai International Airport (DXB). That must be at least 90 minutes earlier than departure. Guests can then travel to Emirates’ exclusive First Class Lounge.

What If You Are Not A Premium Customer But Still Wish For Home Check-In?

By utilising the Emirates App to check-in and receive a mobile boarding ticket, as well as the Emirates self-service bag drop, all Emirates customers can have a flawless and contactless journey at the airport.

Using the unified biometric barrier and smart gates at DXB, registered clients can go through the terminal hands-free.

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