England’s Yorkshire Museum Has Come Up A Creepy Challenge To Give Y’All Spooky Feels!

by Suchismita Pal
England’s Yorkshire Museum Has Come Up A Creepy Challenge To Give Y’All Spooky Feels!

How are you keeping yourself busy these quarantine days? By cooking, watching web series or by clicking a lot of selfies? Well, if you are done experimenting with all kinds of recipes and already watched all the popular shows over the internet, we have come across a quirky option that you can take up next. Horror movie fans, you must pay heed to this.

What’s Happening?

UK’s Yorkshire Museum has thrown up a challenge on Twitter with hashtag #CuratorBattle, urging other museums to post the creepiest objects which might straightway freak you out, but at the same time, they are fun. It started with the post of a ‘3rd/4th century hair bun from the burial of a Roman lady, still with the jet pins in place’. Several institutions replied to this offbeat request of Yorkshire Museum and posted pictures of a mummified mermaid, a cursed children’s toy, a sinister doll, a box full of eyes, a detached hand and what not! Look at the pieces out here. It will get the chill running down your spine, for sure!

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What Else?

After the ‘creepiest objects’ challenge, the museum has also started a ‘sassiest objects’ game. You can head over to the Twitter page of the museum to check out some of the out-of-the-box objects that actually exist in this world. The challenge has started with the bust of Emperor Constantine The Great. The GIF in the post says, “Always classy, never trashy and a little bit sassy”. Some other posts have also come up that can inspire your awe.

Yorkshire Museum
Picture Credits: ABC News

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Are you ready to skim through all that’s eerie and weird? Weak hearted peeps, stay away!