Enjoy A Delightful Christmas Relishing These Parsi Winter Desserts & Sweets

Have a spectacular Christmas relishing all these special Parsi winter sweets.

by Shreya Ghosh
Enjoy A Delightful Christmas Relishing These Parsi Winter Desserts & Sweets

Parsi cuisine offers a gastronomic experience with its range of savoury and sweet delicacies. Quite popular among foodies, we can never talk about authentic Parsi food without a huge variety of sweets and desserts. From Ravo to Lagan Nu Custard to Mithoo Dahi, there are too many mouth-watering Parsi sweets to relish and these are simply the best to dazzle up all festivities. For the glorious occasion of Christmas, here are some of our favourites to enjoy.

Have A Jolly Molly Christmas Gorging These Delectable Parsi Sweets

1. Vasanu

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Vaneeta (@vaneetaspeaks) shared a picture of the famous Parsi delicacy, Vasanu.

Feeling too cold this winter season? It’s time to raise the temperature, not literally but with a delightful dessert. Known to boost the immune system, this lip-smacking sweet is loaded with ghee and lots of dry fruits. This dense and nutty speciality is relished mostly during the winter season as it is believed to keep us warm. The goodness of all the ingredients infused with amazing taste and nutrient-rich sweetness is a must to enjoy in the freezing Christmas.

2. Parsi Mawa Cake

Parsi sweets
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Is Christmas even celebrated as Christmas if we do not enjoy cakes? For this beautiful festival, relishing yummy cakes is a must. And when it comes to enjoying Parsi sweets on Christmas, you surely need to try Parsi Mawa Cake. Prepared with mawa, milk, eggs, and flour, every piece of this cake is too soft. This amazing confection is one of Parsi culinary traditions’ most significant delicacies and the soft spongy texture is perfect.

3. Malai Na Khaja

Parsi sweets
Picture credit- Canva

A rose-flavoured filling covered in a crunchy khaja-like coating is Malai Na Khaja. Every bite is the perfect blend of soft stuffing and a crispy outer coating. The colourful dessert is another staple sweet of the Parsi cuisine and we cannot wait to enjoy loads of this sweet during Christmas.

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4. Ravo

Orange Jammies (@orangejammies) took to the microblogging site to post a photo of traditional Parsi Ravo.

A perfect combination of ghee, rava, milk, and dry fruits; foodies with a sweet tooth love relishing Ravo. Most Parsi occasions and festivals are incomplete without preparing this Parsi version of a basic rava pudding. This traditional creamy pudding is as Parsi as it can get. In addition to all the detectability, the smooth texture simply melts in our mouths.

5. Malido

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Hanoz Antia (@AntiaHanoz) shared a picture of yummy Malido.

This traditional pudding is a must to relish during most Parsi religious ceremonies. Loaded with ghee, jaggery, butter, wholewheat flour, and semolina, this quick and easy dessert is loved for its flavours and texture. Often accompanied by Papri bread, the authenticity of the Parsi community is reflected in Malido. Though Malido is not widely popular like other Parsi sweets, it is a quintessential sweet enjoyed by Parsis in most ceremonies and celebrations.

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Are you ready to celebrate Christmas indulging in a feast of these Parsi winter sweets?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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