What is Panettone And Why Is The Italian Christmas-Special Sweet Bread So Expensive?

Panettone is a Christmas staple and many foodies love relishing it with sparkling wine.

by Shreya Ghosh
What is Panettone And Why Is The Italian Christmas-Special Sweet Bread So Expensive?

Jingle bells, jingle bells are jingling all the way! We are so excited to end the year celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the grandest way possible. No such celebrations are complete without indulging in a feast of some authentic delicacies. Christmas comes with the glorifying occasion of celebrating the winter season while enjoying gastronomic experiences, enjoying everything from savoury to sweet. And our feast for this occasion cannot be completed without Panettone. Every bite of the sweet bread slathered with butter melts in our mouth!

Christmas-Special Panettone Is A Favourite Among Foodies! 

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Originating in Italy’s Milan city, indulging in this delectable bread is a tradition to celebrate Christmas among many. Generally baked during this time of the year, this sweet is enjoyed during the jolly celebrations of New Year as well. Popular in Australia, the USA, Canada, South America, and some parts of Europe, foodies love to enjoy this soft bread loaded with butter, honey, and cinnamon sugar. From the baking process to people eating the Christmas staple as a snack with different accompaniments, Panettone is one of our favourites.

Loaded with almonds, raisins, candied oranges, and the sweetness of fruits, the buttery-textured bread is such a delightful snack to munch on at any time of the day. Foodies and people with a sweet tooth love panettone and one of our most favourites of this baked goodness is the high butter content making it so soft and airy.

There are too many preferences for enjoying this sweet bread. Traditionally, people love eating slices with some wine or custard. Many enjoy gorging on it with honey and mascarpone cheese. Some foodies also like to relish making sandwiches and toast using the bread.

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Why Is This Christmas Staple So Costly?

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There is an array of bread and cake options available for celebrating Christmas and the end of the year. Among all the baked treats in the spread, one of the most expensive options is Panettone. This Italian bread is costlier than other kinds of similar bread for several reasons and one of them is the preparation and baking process. Panettone which is baked traditionally following the age-old process consumes a lot of time.

It takes around 12-15 hours just to let the dough proof and rise to get the desired shape of this sweet bread. Letting it sit aside for such a long time also helps in getting a perfect light texture. Also, it costs a lot to produce the ingredients for this sweet bread. From good-quality pork to lots of delish raisins and fruits, the overall process is laborious as well. There is simply no place for any substitution of any step in the traditional recipe. Therefore, the taste of the expensive ones is superior to the cheap versions available at regular shops.

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You might be surprised to hear the cost of the most expensive panettone in the world. Worth a whopping 80,000 euros (₹71,79,760), this delightful baked bread was prepared by Dario Hartvig. The Italian pastry chef baked the goodness for a Russian businessman.

Does your Christmas feast include the delish Panettone? If not, make sure to relish some this year!

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