This is Where You Enjoy Segway in Delhi

by Kamiya Jani
This is Where You Enjoy Segway in Delhi

Two Wheel Ride in NCR

Imagine riding on two cool wheels as you pass through the NCR pride region with an only gentle breeze to give you company; no honking or traffic. A segway Tour of Rajpath is sure to add zing to your unwinding!

SegwayRajpath Segway Tour

What better way to start your start than to glide on two wheels down the palatial Rashtrapati Bhawan in the capital with sun rays kissing the sky and gentle breeze brushing your face. The Segway tour offers the view of the entire Rajpath and the scenic beauty alongside early morning when there is no traffic.

Easy to ride, you can maneuver the machine with your body movements. Lean forward and it takes you ahead and to slow down or stop, just lean back. You must weight between 45 and 110 kgs with a helmet and elbow guards on!

The best memories come from the craziest ideas! So when you going for a crazy segway ride?


When: Every Weekend
Where: South Block Of Secretariat On Vijay Chowk: Delhi
How Much: From Rs. 1,587 to Rs. 1,939

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