Eurostar Services From London To Amsterdam Will Get Suspended For A Year; Londoners, Take Note!

by Mallika Khurana
Eurostar Services From London To Amsterdam Will Get Suspended For A Year; Londoners, Take Note!

Eurostar is an extremely popular rail service that makes international travel easier than ever. Especially for those who try to avoid flying for different reasons, this train service is a saviour. It connects the United Kingdom with its neighbouring countries like France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Yes, if you are in London and want to party in Amsterdam, it is just a train ride away! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But you may have to pause that dream for a year. Eurostar has recently declared that train services from London to Amsterdam will be dropped for a year.

Eurostar Will Suspend The London-Amsterdam Connectivity For A Year

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Starting in June 2024, Londoners will not be able to take the Eurostar train to Amsterdam. This inconvenience will last till May 2025. Amsterdam Centraal will be undergoing massive renovation during this time, making it impossible for travellers to board the train. The facilities currently used for passport and security checks will be demolished entirely as part of the renovation. Hence, the services will be suspended until the renovations are completed.

If you are wondering if Rotterdam Centraal could be a great alternative, according to the reports from Time Out, it has been declared as an unsuitable substitute due to safety and capacity reasons. Once this train line is paused, Eurostar will only be serving four instead of the 12 stations before Brexit. London folks will only be able to travel to Brussels, Paris, or Lille until the trains to Amsterdam are operational again.

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Another Train Route Will Take Much Longer

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Of course, you can still fly to Amsterdam during these months. However, if you would still prefer to take the train, you can always take one to Brussels or Paris and continue to Amsterdam with some other train service. If flying is an option for you, it would certainly be better since this train route would take much longer.

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The good news is that the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure the London-Amsterdam terminal closure could actually be 7 months instead of 11 months. Since the new Amstelpassage would move the Eurostar terminal below the station, it could open earlier than the anticipated date.

For those who frequently take the train, it will be a big adjustment.

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