This 132 YO Goan Hardware Store Houses A Yakitori Bar; Add It To Your Must-Visit In Goa List!

by Mallika Khurana
This 132 YO Goan Hardware Store Houses A Yakitori Bar; Add It To Your Must-Visit In Goa List!

Goa has a unique vibe in itself. Every time we visit these coastal lands, we are instantly revived. The perfect way to make the most of its vibrance, as well as its serenity, is to spend the day by the beach, sipping on some chilled beer and munching on yummy seafood delicacies. As soon as the clock strikes 6 in the evening, it is time to hit the vibrant nightlife of the city. Adding more charm to it, Shiori has come to town as a Japanese street bar that promises much more than a fun time.

Shiori Is A Finely Restored Japanese Street Bar

Set in a 132-year-old structure that was previously a hardware store, Shiori has brought the old-world charm of Goa to life. While restoring and redeveloping the old structure, the traditional features and nostalgic vibes of the place were kept intact for everyone to feel.  Every new facet of this stunning restaurant enhances the vintage elements and presents a brand new yakitori bar. Embracing the imperfections of an old-timey store in Siolim, this street bar feels like a different world altogether. 

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Head Over For Some Yummy Yakitori

Bringing Japanese culture and intense flavours to North Goa, Shiori is a yakitori bar that complements the tropical vibes of Siolim. They have an exceptional menu with varied Japanese deliveries that will have you drooling in no time. However, yakitori has to be the highlight of the unique restaurant.

This flavourful chicken dish is made by charring the meat on skewers, covered in a sweet and salty dressing. This smoky dish makes for an amazing bar snack, unlike any other you must have tried before. While this dish alone is reason enough for you to visit this charming restaurant, there is more that will entice you.

Apart from an elaborate yakitori menu,  they offer some amazing sushi like Spicy Salmon And Avocado Uramaki Roll and Tuna Carpaccio. You can also indulge in some yummy ramen or wok meals here. The menu also offers a great choice of beers and cocktails that will go well with Japanese flavours.

Go ahead, and add it to your Goa itinerary right away!

Where: Siolim, Goa
When: 12 pm– 3 pm, 7 pm – 12 am
Cost: ₹2,500 (For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Shiori