Everything You Need To Know About Travelling To Malaysia Right Now!

by Shreya Ghosh
Everything You Need To Know About Travelling To Malaysia Right Now!

Malaysia has re-opened tourism with new rules and restrictions after the long COVID-19 pandemic. If you planning to visit Malaysia soon then this article is going to be very crucial and helpful for you. It is our responsibility to be aware of all the things before landing in a foreign land. Keep an eye on all the entry requirements, rules, and regulations running in the country if you are travelling to Malaysia right now. The websites of the Malaysian Department of Immigration are important places to get authentic news and changes.

Points To Know If You’re Travelling To Malaysia Right Now:

Indian travellers who have been planning to visit Malaysia will now get a ‘Visa On Arrival’ (VOA). The new rule came into action on 1 June 2022. The new announcement of Malaysia will let the Indian travellers reach the country from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and such specific entry points. The travellers need to carry a valid visa from the country they are travelling from. It will cost the travellers MYR 200 to get the VOA. Also, they need to present proof that shows that they have a minimum of cash of USD 500 or credit card or debit card or a traveller’s cheque, or even electronic money. The electronic money needs to be certified by the Bank Negara Malaysia. The VOA will allow the travellers to stay in the county for 15 days, only with a confirmation of the return ticket.

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Travelling to Malaysia won’t be a trouble anymore as the country is letting the fully-vaccinated people explore the country. Since 1 May 2022, they can enter the country without maintaining a period of quarantine. In fact, fully-vaccinated inbound travellers do not need to do any covid tests both before travelling to Malaysia and after landing in the country. It is completely applicable for children of 17 years and also below.

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Even the process of applying for an e-visa is simple now. One can easily apply and do the necessary steps online. The flights from India to Malaysia are very regular and completely convenient.