Everything You Need To Know Before You Head To Bali!

by Nainisha Mehta
Everything You Need To Know Before You Head To Bali!

The islandic Indonesian paradise is soon finding itself on everyone’s travel bucket list. And why shouldn’t it, this destination is worth every bit of hype. From notorious monkeys, affordable spas, blue waters till your eyes can see, sandy beaches, healthy smoothies, delish coastal food and some of the most extravagant resorts! Bali is real #travelgoals. So, before you pack your sunscreen, bikinis, shorts and hats – here are a few things that’ll help you on your trip!

1. Free Entry

As per Indonesia’s new rules, citizens of several countries can enter Bali with just their passport. Lucky for us, Indians too have this advantage. You can get a Free Entry Stamp on your passport and stay in Bali for up to 30 days! But remember you cannot extend your stay beyond that. If Bali manages to get under your skin and you feel like extending your trip, getting a Visa on Arrival is better, since a VOA can be extended.BaliPlan Your Vacation At Bali. Source: experienceluxury.co

2. How much cash to splash?

Rejoice Indians! Bali is one country where the rupee makes you feel rich. 1 INR equals 209.07 Indonesian Rupiyah. If you’re looking at a budgeted trip, it shouldn’t cost you more than 5k per day including stay in hostels, guesthouses or homestays. Mid-range hotels come up to around 2-5k per person, add to that drinking, eating and a relaxing spa! And if you’re dreaming about staying at the posh resorts that truly define #wokeuptothis views and blue pools adorned with palm trees, your accommodation can set you back anywhere between 8k to 40k. Yup, you can get some lavish properties at just 8k per night. Renting out villas is also an ideal option. You save money and you get the privacy you need.

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Coming to those looking for adventures – snorkeling, scuba diving and other water-related activities cost a mere INR1000-2000! Where else will you be able to explore the deep dark blue in this range?

3. Count Your Money

Be extra vigilant about handling money. The Indonesian Rupiah has denominations in 2000rp, 5000rp, 10,000rp, 100,000rp which can get pretty confusing while removing large sums. Also, brush up your bargaining skills. Bali has numerous places where a little haggling always works and you end up saving more.

Bali Streets
Haggle Your Way To Best Prices in Bali’s Street Markets. Source: bali-indonesia.com

4. Best Time To Visit

May, June and September are not considered peak season, but the weather is great and accommodation much cheaper! The tourist season is ideally in the months of July, August and December. It’s during this time of the year, hotels, restaurants and bars hike up the prices.

Bali Temple
Visit Bali’s Tanah Lot Temple At It’s Best Time. Source: images.kuoni.co.uk

5. Getting Around Bali

Bemos and Ojeks are your best bet to go around the city with ease. Not exactly mythical creatures taking you from place to place, but Bemos and Ojeks are basically taxis. Ojeks are motorcycle taxis that you can hire or ride pillion with a driver. With narrow roads and crowded streets, Ojeks seem the most convenient options. Rarely popular now, Bemos are minibus/vans with around 12 seats. If you’re travelling with a group, hop on one of these and go about wandering on the island.

Ojek Bali
Hop on One of These Taxi Bikes For A Tour of Bali. Source: www.ummi.online

6. The Island Of Gods

It’s hard to believe, but away from the sun and sand, there’s a side of Bali dotted with beautiful temples. Tanah Lot Temple, a Hindu temple is the most scenic temple you could ever find. This temple located in West Bali has a sea for a view and sits on a rock that’s 1/3rd artificial. Ulu Watu Temple in Ulu Watu is another major sight for worshippers.  Sitting on the south-west tip of the peninsula, this sea temple sits on the edge of a cliff. The split-gates and Ganeshas at the entrance, the notorious monkeys, Kecak dance performance all add to the temple’s appeal. The next popular destination on your temple spree has to be Tirta Empul. The pool inside the temple is believed to have magical powers, the water from the holy pool then gushes out into springs where you can get cleansed at the sacred sight. Other popular temples to visit are Taman Ayun and Luhur Batukau.

Ulu Watu Temple in Bali. Source: stylerug.net
Ulu Watu Temple in Bali. Source: stylerug.net

7. Sun, Sand & Surf

Being an island destination, it’s not that difficult to find all three in Bali. But the best surfers test the waters at Bukit Pensisula where the waves of Ulu Watu give them a real challenge. For those just looking for Vitamin C and Vitamin Sea, the quiet, hidden shores of Uluwatu, Bingin and Dreamland are where you’ll find peace. If sipping on cocktails, sinking your feet in the sand, gorging up delish food and getting awed by extravagant resorts pique your interest, Kuta Beach is where you’ll find this in plenty. Besides some of the best beach resorts, Seminyak Beach gives you a happening nightlife scene with clubs like Potato Head Beach Club. Legian Beach is another popular stretch frequented by party goers and celebrities. With chic entertainment venues and fine dining restaurants, this one attracts many. If you’re here with family and would like a simple beach-day out minus bars and shacks, Nusa Dua is your go-to place. The white sandy stretch gives you a shopping complex, family friendly restaurants and trimmed lawns of the Nusa Dua beach resort!

Bali Surf
Test the waters on the shores of Bali. Source: bali-indonesia.com

8. Bali’s Cultural Heart

Bali’s claims of being a beachy paradise are rivaled by its very own cultural center Ubud. Far away from the azure waters are the terraced highlands in central Bali. The panoramic paddy fields make a perfect backdrop for the temples, shrines, forests and the blooming art scene here! The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary of Ubud is where you can find notorious monkeys. A band of Balinese macaques have found abode in the temple-complex and are known to harass visitors. A sensory overdose, in Ubud you can get a true-blue Balinese experience. From a culinary journey and hoping from gallery to gallery to hitting the streets to shop, watching traditional dance performances and getting spiritual at the temples – Ubud surely shows you a different side of Bali.

Take a Trip To The Highlands of Ubud. Source: tripsavy.com

9. How To Spend Your Day?

Surrounded by water on all ends, Bali’s water sport activities are aplenty. Rafting, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling – make your pick from any to discover the blue waters. Those who’d like to stay away from the shores can take a hike to the active volcano – Mount Batur in Kintamani District. You can also get on top of the terraced farms to get a view of the lush greenery. When you run out of adventures to experience, you can unwind at one of the many spas in Bali. Be it luxe services with aromatic candles and floral petals or just oiled rubs, Bali gives you the best of both. You can find these relaxation centers at Kuta, Legian and Seminayak. If that’s not the kind of relaxation you’re looking at, find Zen at one the yoga retreats. Bali has them in abundance.

Bali Yoga
Find Inner Peace At One Of The Many Yoga Retreats in Bali. Source: escapeheaven.com

10. What To Eat?

You can only truly experience a new destination completely after having everything they serve on their plate. Literally. Bali is no exception. Along the waters, one can find some of the best delectable dishes to tangle their taste buds with! Nasi Campur is one of the staple dishes to try in Bali. A plate of mixed rice with some curried chicken or meat, veggies or tofu and egg on top – this is a classic in any restaurant you go, big or small. Next up on the menu is Babi Guling. Despite being a largely Muslim population, this dish has gotten its fair share in Bali. Babi Guling or the suckling pig is Balinese classic, where a roasted pig is marinated with special spices. Up for sampling some of the best seafood? Jimbaran Bay Coast is your answer. Some fancy cafes and restaurants perfect for a sunset mean, some local shacks, some mid-range eateries with quality food, Jimbaran Bay Seafood has a cluster of around 30-40 restaurants, each equally good. Those who’ve adopted the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, you won’t be in starved! In fact, the healthy bowls, smoothies are popular in this wellness mecca. A must-try for the vegetarians is the Gado Gado and Kare Sayur.

Bali Food
Go On A Culinary Journey With Balinese Cuisine. Source: cnn.com

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